Well, for recon this week,
I have Lisamarie Joyce and I have Anthony Lamas. Oh, right! I put them in disguise. – Hi. Good, how are you?
– Hey, how are you? – Good. How you doing?
– Good, good. – How are you?
– What can I get for you? I’ll take any draft.
Pick one for me. – Okay.
– Something light. – Rum and coke
or something?
– Rum and coke. Where are they going?
Give them to me. – Those are the tacos there?
– Are these yours? – Are these yours?
– Are these yours?
He could’ve said yes – and gotten
the food right away.
– Yep. Eat ’em
and shut the ( bleep ) up. Man: What? Shut up for at least
five to ten minutes. That’s all I ask.
Five to ten minutes,
shut the ( bleep ) up. Here’s to me,
here’s to you. We ever disagree,
( bleep ) you, here’s to me. We don’t show spite. – How does he make money here?
– He doesn’t. – Mine’s a little warm.
– Is it? So Anthony said
the beer is warm. – Give me your credit car.
– No. They’re on me. On him. No, what does that mean?
Is he gonna pay for it? Don’s paying for them. Good game, brother. Jon: These people are
probably his friends, and they’ll come in here
and they’ll drink all his booze night after night
after night. So they’re taking
advantage of him. He’s really a chump, – letting them take
advantage of him.
– Yeah. ’cause if he wasn’t
giving it away, – they wouldn’t come here.
– That’s– you’re right. What we got going there? They call ’em
little mini beers. Jon: Okay, so is that beer
with heavy whipping cream? – Oh, my gosh!
– Jon: This is a drink that probably costs,
I’m guessing, $2.10 a drink. – Wow.
– So you start
giving these away, it’s $20, $200, $2,000. – It adds up.
– Imagine this after a month. They’ve given away hundreds
and hundreds of these. – You had one before?
– Are they on the house
or something? – I will buy it myself
just so you can taste it.
– Sure! Yeah, if they’re free,
I’ll take ’em. – Oh, my God. Free? Okay.
– Yeah, might as well. – I believe in you.
– Go, go, go. – Swish.
– Whoo! I never knew cream
floated on whiskey – because I would
never wanna do it.
– Never. We’ll do the BLT,
then I wanna do those
tacos that I saw. I’ll do the wrap,
I think. Look at this place. Look how messy
all this looks. Jenny:
I can already smell it, and I haven’t even
been inside yet. I can’t imagine
the contamination. Jon:
Looks like a file cabinet. Okay, look at this kitchen. So, see the fryer.
Look at the color of it. You see it’s all wrong in color?
‘Cause the filth in the oil. – All the filth–
look at the side.
– It’s disgusting. Jon:
Look at the smoke
coming up. That’s not the oil smoking.
That’s the dirt in the oil – that causes that smoke.
– Exactly. – ‘Cause oil doesn’t smoke,
you know that.
– Uh-huh. Look at the color of it. You see it’s all wrong in color,
’cause the filth in the oil. Jenny:
Looks like there’s
dead bugs in it. It does, but look
at how it’s sticky
and gunky up there. You know that this
hasn’t been rotated. – Oh! Those should be white.
– Oh, no! Oh, no! – You know what makes
that color? Bacteria.
– Yeah. So that is E. coli colonies
and filth on there. – Hi.
– Okay, here we go. Some food. – Jon: They can’t eat this food.
– Jenny: They can’t. – Let’s go in
and stop this together.
– Let’s do it. – Aww, yes!
– Oh, my God. ( shouting indistinctly ) I– I can’t believe
what I’m seeing right now. Gary: Oh, ( bleep ),
Jenny McCarthy. Jon: I wouldn’t eat anything
if I were you guys. Jon Taffer is here. Jon: Can I have your attention
for a minute, please? – What do you think?
– You see all that? Ooh, God. Oh, my God. I’m gonna guess
deep fried taco. Every one of them. ( Jenny groans ) – When did you buy this bar?
– Eight months ago. – How much in debt
are you from it?
– Half a million. – Half a million
fricking dollars.
– Yep. – How much you
losing a month?
– 6,000. – $6,000! How long till
you’re out of money?
– Month and a half. You’re done
in a month and a half.
Did you know that? You’re done in
a month and a half.
Did you know that? – No.
– This came out
on your watch. I wasn’t watching. Exactly!
I watched on camera one of the most disgusting
kitchens I’ve ever seen. – Was that somewhere else?
– No, it’s yours. – Oh.
– Come with me.
I wanna show it to you. Anthony, come with me.
Jenny, I want you to see this. – Oh, it’s vile.
– You guys stay here. You’re gonna be scared. – Jon: What’s this?
– Refried beans. This is three weeks old! Oh, my God! Touch it. Slimy, isn’t it? Yes, sir. Let’s get rid of that!
This is your fricking life! You’re in debt
a half a million dollars! Look at this! These are your French fries.
They should be frozen, right? – Are they?
– Nope. – Oh, my God.
– They’re made to
be cooked frozen!