Moscow is one of the most exciting
cities we’ve ever visited and you can travel here on any budget. Just how much
can you see if you’re doing this on the cheap and how crazy can you get if you have a luxury Budget? First building, and my favourite building, is this one, right here! Saint-Basil’s Cathedral! It was built in the mid 16th century, commissioned by Ivan the Terrible, who sounds like lovely man! It is the epitome of Russian
architecture. It is just incredibly beautiful and it looks like a
gingerbread house all those towers with the lovely little colors and then
twirling around on the square. This is the Kremlin. This used to read the royal
Citadel where the Tsar’s lived way back when Russia was still a
monarchy and now it is the official home of the Russian president so Mr. Putin
who lives here. You won’t see him but he is here. That is the state History Museum. It
has artifacts from Russian history all the way back to the Stone Age. Right next
to it is Lenin’s Mausoleum and then on the other side you have a very long
impressive building, which is the GUM shopping mall. One of the best things about the Red Square is, it is absolutely free to come here. We’re going to go to
Alexander garden which is right next to the Kremlin. It has a beautiful view of the
Kremlin without having to actually go inside the Kremlin because ‘moneys!’ Look at them, having fun with their free activities. Nothing more fun than actually seeing the Kremlin from the inside. Let’s go and have a look! The Kremlin is a
political powerhouse not just of Moscow but of all of Russia. It’s where the
country was ruled from in time of the Tsar’s, all the way through communist
era, until modern day. There are a lot of super impressive buildings here. They’re all whitewashed with lavish golden domes This is the Assumption Cathedral. One of
the first buildings you’ll encounter if you walk into the Kremlin and the most
popular one to visit which you can tell by the long line waiting outside! It has the entire inside covered in frescoes frescoes like the one you can see right behind me This is where the Tsar’s were corronated from the beginning of the 18th century onwards. Kremlin means ‘fortress in the city’. It has five palaces
and four cathedrals. You can easily spend a day exploring and it’s one of the
most interesting things to do here in Moscow there’s so much history. It dates
back to the 14th century when it was all started. Welcome to Alexander garden, just besides the red square there’s beautiful garden.
It stretches almost for one kilometer long it was built by side Alexander in
the nineteenth century and it’s actually really nice if you have such a lush
green please right in the middle the city centre right after a square where
there’s no green at all that really makes you wonder how those people got
there I was gonna lie in the grass but now I’m not sure because I don’t know
how to get there without using my feet I can’t do it on my hands this is a nice
and pretty as a delicate for our budget lunch we are heading to
the upscale shopping mall of Goom right on the Red Square and it’s famous site
called stole avaya which is apparently cafeteria style restaurant which is
pretty good and it’s very affordable I’m getting really hungry now I really
need something for lunch everything looks good dessert appetizers the main
course is really good so I took a main course some gerschwitz of mashed
potatoes and a dessert sorry two courses it’s really good especially the mashed
potatoes are really fluffy that was really good lunch it’s toll of i42
course it’s to be paid in total $14 that’s for the both of us they do basic
Russian food where they do it pretty good so cheap affordable and good food
but I wonder what if we had like a big budget what would keep what could we eat
then good looks like some real Russian foods very local very plain maybe a bit
yeah maybe just you know what’s very typical Russian like properly Russian
luxury foods caviar Russia is the home to the best
caviar in the world that’s right let’s do it just right you
got my stones I consider my square I’m sitting over there we just ordered 50
grams of caffeine ours real caviar 50 grams each and because you’re not
supposed to eat to the metal spoon can give off a bad flavor is actually pretty
affordable so that 20 euros each in Belgium if you have to buy this in the
shop you’ve been around 50 years if you have to eat is in restaurant 100 and 150
euros per person and regard as delicious sea urchin also filled with caviar so go
ahead as well you can taste as really good stuff
he’s not a wrecker sure we are on themes but your own theme budget for six months state armory is a treasure chamber
located in the Grand Kremlin palace it’s a century’s words collection by its
arts of artefacts art items and jewelry which was collected from Russia and even
gifts from all over the world and hosts the largest collection of gold and
silver ware made by Russian artisans I would say if you only have one day to
spend in Moscow spend it in and around the Kremlin just go to the Red Square
walk around for a little bit marvel at st. Basil’s Cathedral and go inside the
Kremlin look at all beautiful cathedrals and palaces do events to the armory
because that is one of the most beautiful museums I personally have ever
seen and then you have seen the most typical Russian architecture in all of
Moscow and you will really offense at the heart of Moscow or at least
culturally speaking you all a visit at the heart of Moscow of nine dollars for
two people per night the cheapest but also the worst also ever stated but it’s
the cheapest I’ve ever stated it’s the cheapest speech I have both Mexico and
that’s how he booked it that’s why we booked it
gosu sure I do like the color scheme you to the bunker
sweetheart I have something to show you this kitchen makes me very very it’s so
dark in here it is just like a bunker kitchen is just dirty and disgusting no
other work we’re checking into our junior suite
that we booked here in this 4-star hotel it’s in matthew hotel right in the city
centre and we’re going to show you our suite in a minute because we don’t we
never have up skills I’ve never stayed in the street before good I think
goodness even had a coffee shoot so this is a small seating area and look there’s
daylight so we just rented these electric
scooters really nice to go pretty quickly we’re just right by the water
now I take them for a spin around around the city so let’s go this beautiful
building or passing by now is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior time to
enjoy that coffee you know I’m gonna really have to stay in these
fossils you know over here these horror stories of Bunker like this is still
even the Jews want to get ribs cruder put in a parking place somewhere but we
can find it better is that walking around the school trying to fight for a
spot but we actually only have ourselves to
blame for this because the scooters were a 20% battery were like nothing we can
do this we can read it out and we did write it out but now it’s more like it
it’s not scooter anymore she’s step gets in fights best works going on here maybe
they moved it bad luck it’s not nearly half as fun this way what a spot for sunset and you can see
the Kremlin all the way over there the sky is so pink to match to the Sun
that’s really nice it’s making me hungry doh I wonder how themed splurge is doing
yeah wonder what we’ll Dave you having for dinner for all the ghouls so you’re at the wine and crab
restaurant specialize in gain crab if you are celebrating my 31st birthday
again you are we celebrated at once but Sir we
ordered some crab bonbons we ordered some fresh king crab we ordered another
appetizer here’s the love birthday we also have some fresh game crap avocado
tomato and black pepper ice cream I’m so curious I just have to have mother
strawberry in there as well then there’s these babies treat king crab legs for
the two of us 750 grams goodness one thing just one small thing in a lie
about this restaurant is it a food staring it right there actually they’re
catching one for another table right now it just brought me some dynamite strawberry roll with some caramel I have chocolate caramel and Nutella ice
cream it looks very beautiful I hope it tastes as delicious this is so good have something aren’t
you with us I don’t know where this dice can really taste like hazel nuts and
like it down after all food I ordered a shop apopka to be honest it’s actually
more of a glass of vodka but you know man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do
we came to it’s called Russian but also in the heart of Moscow and they have a
lot of typical Russian food which we are going to try and force with any real
Russian you know there’s welcome interesting facts a small mineral water
small still water here there is 190 rubles almost one cheaper things on the
menu this is 170 we have come to a country
where vodka a serious shot of vodka and we never look at it is seriously cheaper
than water Cheers
I suppose or some local specialties first one are
eclairs filbert’s well to meet pate pretty sweet a little bit crunchy and
moose is very very and the Moose is very very fluffy really good very savory some
crunchy things on topic next up is something very special
it’s called the moon suits this is frozen fish that’s very thinly sliced
you can see this is like the oil is still frozen
so this difficult from Siberia where it’s really really cold in the winter
and basically today I think the athletes a lot of things
frozen or in the old times and you have like the spice mix that you can put on
this it’s great the spice makes a bit salty
little bit spicy we’re still completely frozen and while you chew it it melts in
your mouth like fried mom gets a little bit harder but it’s still like very thin
very crunchy that’s a little bit what this tastes like at the moment is really
good sauce is good as well good morning we’ve grabbed some coffee
and chocolate muffin for breakfast is the budget graphics so our breakfast
cost about four or five dollars so I think our total budget over the full 24
hours was about sixty dollars for two of us yes it’s been a very very fun 24
hours even on the budget you can have a lot of fun maybe it would be good to
have like a little more budget to have a better room or just have a double room I
think maybe you will choose to spend your money in different ways like we
said better accommodation how do you recommend it or less on food or you can
do some activities like we didn’t really do any paid activities yesterday you
won’t be able to do like full day of museums or stuff on this budget but you
want to be comfortable it’s a little bit more I wonder what the breakfast of a
splurge looks like thing they might be having more in the
coffee and a muffin like that is purge too much yesterday yeah coffee and
coffee and muffins it’s pretty ok I think they will do the same no this is
the luxury breakfast no you didn’t switch hotels overnight we are still in
the Medicaid and that completes our stay here in Moscow we had lots of fun and
some good food both on the budget as well as Virgina mission so we hope you
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rest of our version because today we start our giant submarine journey taking
the train all the way from Moscow to Beijing
of course we’ll a few stops in between it’s more than 7,000 kilometers on the
train it will be nice to experience a trained experienced that daily life see
what kind of sites you have and just enjoy the train rides which we’ll show
you in our next video you know so have a good day see the next
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