Matt: Alright on my way to pick up Justin and we are gonna pick a bunch of mushrooms. Justin: Whats Up! Matt: Whats Up… Not to bad of a flight… we made it, lets begin. guess who it is? Right there is Matt.
Lets go pick some mushrooms That’s what I’m saying man
let’s do it. MT??? Morel Truths baby! look at
that awesome… that’s meant to be right? MT right there!
Hold up the bag now let’s go cook some stuff welcome to Eleanor this is the only way in? yeah! that’s private dinning right there. Ok, I won’t record in there. what was that matt? Everything pairs so
well.. the asparagus what you What did you say was in this again? This is cream of morels on toast… So some garlic, shallots, thyme, white wine, morels, asparagus and peas..
then finished with heavy cream. very very seasonal dishes what you’re
saying Cooper We are off to a great start
We got some hunting in then came here for
delicious meal and some whiskey. Muss & Truners Check us out on our social media. Cheers! Contact us today, for your chance to be in one of our episodes… must have knowledge about Morels to be considered. I’m not even a big mushroom fan but once
I I had morels of course you’re hooked it’s the best mushroom out there my
number one choice if I was you know if someone said you can only have one
mushroom for the rest of your life what’s it gonna be
Morel all the way I already have to stop to think about that really how you doing
tired are you nice to meet you whats your name? Justin. Todd. Nice to meet you. you