TWO WEEKS AFTER HURRICANE MARIA DEVASTATED PUERTO RICO… PEOPLE HERE ON THE GULF COAST CONTINUE TO SHOW THEIR SUPPORT. NEWS 5’S KATARINA LUKETCH TELLS US HOW A MOBILE-BASED RESTAURANT GROUP IS ACCEPTING SUPPLIES, AND HOW YOU CAN HELP. “FOR LUIS DEL VALLE – THE DEVASTATION IN PUERTO RICO HITS CLOSE TO HOME…HIS EXTENDED FAMILY IS AMONG THE THOUSANDS WITHOUT POWER OR RUNNING WATER. Luis del Valle – Vice President, Cooper Restaurants 0:09-0:15 “Everything that’s mundane and common for us to do every single day is a chore to do there now.” THE COMPANY HE WORKS FOR – COOPER RESTAURANTS – IS PITCHING IN TO HELP. EVERYTHING FROM WATER TO POWER TOOLS ARE BEING COLLECTED AT THEIR RESATURANTS IN SOUTH ALABAMA. Katarina Luketich – News 5 0:25-0:34 “The goal is to fill up pods here at Bluegill and at Ruth’s Chris with supplies and once these pods are filled, they will be placed onto a cargo ship and sent to Puerto Rico.” Luis del Valle – Vice President, Cooper Restaurants “We know it’s going to take a long time to get back to normal..whatever normal basic needs are critical.” THIS MORNING A GROUP FROM CHRISTIAN UNITED CHURCH DROPPED OFF A TRUCKLOAD OF SUPPLIES.DEL VALLE IS CONFIDENT IF THE COMMUNITY CONTINUES TO COME TOGETHER LIKE THIS THROUGH THEIR OCTOBER 14 DEADLINE , THE GULF COAST CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR THOSE STRUGGLING Luis del Valle – Vice President, Cooper Restaurants “I know that at the end of the day it won’t take care of everybody, but to know that maybe you helped somebody is enough.” nats “Very nice man, y’all have a blessed day.” FOR NEWS 5, I’M KATARINA LUKETICH” . YOU CAN FIND A LIST OF ITEMS NEEDED ON OUR WEBSITE, WKRG.COM