-Our next guest is
the owner and founder of the Milk Bar Bakery.
Her latest book, “All About Cake,”
is in stores now. Please welcome Christina Tosi,
everybody.! Yeah! Come on! We love you.
[ Cheers and applause ] We love you, pal.
Welcome. Welcome back. Welcome.
-So excited to be here. -Thank you.
Congrats on this book. Congrats on everything.
-Okay, I know both of you like popcorn.
-Oh, yeah. -I know both of you well.
I know you both like popcorn. This is one of
my favorite cakes. The recipe is in the cookbook. We sell this size
at the Milk Bar, but, like, you guys
have big appetites. So I decided to bring
a really big version. It’s a popcorn cake.
-We have a lot of hungry audience members.
-We have Oscar season coming up. It’s cold outside.
I don’t know about you, but I’m about celebrating
the great indoors, not the great outdoors
right now. You put on a movie,
you get down with it. This cake has popcorn
in every element — in the layers of the cake, in the milk that we
soak the cake with. -You make popcorn milk?
-The fudges, the filling. Popcorn everything.
We take fresh popcorn, we grind it down, and
we start to play around with it. -And you can make this
in your house. Because I was reading,
and you’re like, “Dude, don’t freak out.”
It’s very easy to make popcorn milk.”
-“Calm down, calm down.” Calm down, ’cause we’re
about to do it right now. -Let’s do it right now,
Here we go. -Okay, so, Questlove,
I got popcorn milk, I have this sort of
janky spoon. 25 cents.
Best kitchen tool ever. You bend it a little bit.
-Okay. -You get your
Jackson Pollock on. And you just splatter that
popcorn milk all over the cake. But, Jimmy, you’re up next,
because we got popcorn pudding. It’s fudgy.
Again, we take popcorn, we grind it down, we make it into
sort of a custard pudding. Layers of that in the cake.
No, it’s got to go in the cake. Get your lizard hands
out of there. -They’re not lizard hands,
I swear! -Okay, you get in there,
get as much as you want. As much as you want. And then we’re gonna
get in there and start — Okay, okay.
-I gotcha. Here we go. Spread that around.
-It’s fine. We’ll clean it up later.
-It’s fun, right? -All right, Quest, I’m getting
some in there for you. -Here we go. Perfect.
-My favorite part of layer cakes is, like, it’s do you.
You got some fudge. I’m getting under you.
These are some popcorn crumbs. -I just tasted them.
It’s amazing popcorn. -Nice, crummy texture
hidden into the cake. And then go from there. -You had a great
chef’s table, by the way. I should say,
you were fantastic on that. -Thank you.
-I’m a big fan of this. Now, wait, if people don’t have
a Milk Bar where they live, where can they get
Milk Bar cookies and cake? -If you don’t have a Milk Bar
near you, milkbarstore.com. You can get this popcorn cake,
you can get the compost cookies, you can get birthday truffle.
-You can get it sent to you. -We send it to you.
Care packages. -Dude, I’m telling you,
Valentine’s Day, you will get serious points.
-Care packages. -This is what it’s all about.
-Look at this. I’m stealing him.
-Sorry, I’m bad at this. -I’m recruiting him to Milk Bar.
-Can I try it? Can I try what
the finished product is like? -You can.
But, you know, I know that you both are
such big popcorn fans that I made your
Saturday-morning cereal popcorn and I made your Ben & Jerry’s Tonight Dough
flavored popcorn. That is, like, a staple
in my home freezer. We fight over the ice cream.
So I made both of them here. And I made some — This is
our original popcorn cake. We decorate it with a little bit
of this caramel corn. But then I made
your Tonight Dough… Will you hold this for me?
-Okay. -That’s popcorn cake garnished with your
Tonight Dough popcorn. -I’ve never heard of
popcorn on a cake. This is awesome.
-That’s popcorn cake decorated with Quest Saturday-morning
popcorn. -Let me try, Quest.
-Okay. You want to try it? -Yeah, I’ll try it.
-Are we going in? But he’s gonna taste mine.
-You. [ Laughter ]
Perfect. -I already know
what it tastes like. Okay, I’m going in.
I’m going some of each. -Here we go.
-Oh, my gosh. [ Drumroll ] -Oh, that’s perfect.
-Oh, my God. -That is
the most unbelievable thing. -Oh, my God.
-Have fun with taste. Who are you?
-Stop, okay. -Christina, what do you think?
-I feel like it’s impolite to eat in front of everyone.
-Uh-huh. Now let me know which one
you like best. Here, you can hold
both of our hands. One of our hands goes out.
-Oh, my Lord. This one has touched a lizard,
so I’m just saying. -No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no. -Come on, come on,
you got to make the call. Come on, which one
do you like better? The winner is…
[ Drumroll ] -Oh, my God, oh, my God.
You want to know what? [ Bell dinging ] [ Cheers and applause ] -They both win
’cause they’re yours? -No, but it’s like
you got to do you. The only rule to baking
is “Do you.” -You got to do you.
Christina Tosi, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ] “All About Cake”
is in stores now. And order Milk Bar goods online
at milkbarstore.com. Yummy, that is so delicious!