Time to get started on yet another Military Makeover. The carpet’s being removed, walls
are being prepped, and the old kitchen will have to make room for a brand new one provided
by Choice Cabinet. You know, Art, there is no doubt in my military
mind, Kevin Parke and his little family deserve the very best Military Makeover that we can
possibly provide. I 100% agree, Gunny. And that’s why Magic
Chef has brought in some great appliances including this Chest Freezer. So, I got my
buddy, Dave, to tell us all about it. I’m glad I thought of that. Why don’t you
get it done? Right. Good idea, Gunny.
Well let’s go. We’re installing Magic Chef appliances for
the Parke family. We invited Home Depot TV Guide, David White, to guide us through the
process. In addition to your knowledge and your two
hands and your Home Deport expertise, you’ve brought along some great Magic Chef appliances.
Tell us about the — let’s start with the Ice Chest, the Chest Freezer.
It’s a busy family. They’ve got five kids. So the first thing we brought in was the Chest
Freezer. They buy in bulk, so it’s a great place to be able to store those foods and
they can keep a lot of food for a long time. The plumbers are here to run lines so another
really cool appliance can be installed. Plumbers are here. They’re running water lines
and drainage for a commercial ice maker. With this family of seven, a lot of activities,
there’s a lot of entertaining, and it really takes the burden off the ice maker in the
kitchen. It makes 90 pounds a day. Now in the kitchen, you said, we’ve got a
couple of specialty items happening as well. We do. We actually have two different types
of beverage coolers that we’re putting in. One is a dual-zone. What that means is you
can have wine in half and then beverages in the other, and actually have two separate
temperatures so you can keep different types of beverages. And then we’ve also added a
second microwave to the kitchen. So, it’s going to help supplement the microwave that’s
built in. It’s a 0.9 cubic microwave. It’s 900 watts. It can cook just about anything.
But think about it, if they’re using the kitchen and cooking a meal, somebody needs to microwave
some popcorn or heat up a drink, you’ve got a second microwave space to do that.
That is great. You’ve got multiple angles happening. Now, something special for Kevin
in his man cave, mini-man cave. Man corner, right?
Man corner. Well, look, he’s got to have something right?
Exactly. And we know that he likes to spend time, you know, he needs a little down time.
We’ve added a 3.5 cubic foot Magic Chef refrigerator in there which is perfect. It sits right next
to the console. He can store beverages, foods…It even has a freezer on the top.(music). Let’s
finish your conversation with Dave and Magic Chef. When selected the right appliances for
your home, size matters. Size really just depends on the space that
you have, right. A lot of people don’t have a lot of extra counter space, so we’ve selected
a 0.9 cubic foot. They go up to 1.1 and the wattage is very, again, with the size. So
you want to just make sure that you have enough wattage to cook the types of foods that you’re
cooking. More wattage is more cooking power.
And like you said, this is basically to heat up the pizza rolls and the popcorn for movie
night kind of thing. And this one, actually though, its 900 watts.
So you can really do some good cooking. It really is whatever you can fit in that.
Sure. And do you recommend when somebody’s shopping for Magic Chef looking online and
then going into the Home Deport and sort of getting your hands on it and seeing it in
person. So we see a lot of customers now that are
shopping online, and they’re actually picking up or buying in store.
And what sort of information should a customer come in with? The size? The usage? And that’s
the kind of information you need to guide them in the right direction.
Exactly. So, size first of all. That’s a big deal. How much space you have. Again, how
you’re going to be using the appliance. Color, specifically do you need stainless, white,
black, depends on what you want to match. And with those sort of specs I think we can
just about help anybody that comes in. Dave, thanks for being here.
It’s our pleasure. It’s a great project. Thank you.