Boom Welcome to True Vikings. Sorry we haven’t published a video in a long time have been vacationing and Emil has been working or slacking around I don’t know. But now I’m back in business I’m in Finland metal detecting in a place called Lohja, about 70 kilometres from Helsinki first time here and Today, I’m gonna find something. I never really know a new place new field So I’m gonna go for something easy. Maybe a gold ducat from Seventeen hundred’s from Netherlands or something easy like that. Lohia has this coat of arms That is a gridiron that you use to cook fish it’s an interesting story from where Lohja gets that gridiron coat of arms. About 250 AD a priest called Lawrence was in Rome and he was collecting money from the common people for the church and Roman Emperor Valyrian wanted that money and of course Lawrence the good guy that he was Was thinking that no. No, I’m not gonna give that money to The Emperor I’m gonna give it to the people so he spread out the money to the common people and Of course Valyrian didn’t like that at all and he got mad and he executed Lawrence with a gridiron, but before Lawrence died He said please turn me on the other side. This side is already well done and that’s how he became a saint and he became a saint of Lohja and now Lohja has a gridiron in their coat of arms That’s a interesting story My first signal here on this beautiful field and look what I have. Is this what I think it is? Is it a thimble? Looks like a thimble. It’s a thimble or a beautiful button. Wow, it’s an end of a thimble. I think. It’s been broken Off or then it’s a small thimble. Beautiful piece This is a good sign that there’s people have been people around here Awesome. Awesome find. My father has signal here in this beautiful field. Let’s go and see What he gets. Not so many signals been picking up a few bullets and the grass is so high it’s really difficult really difficult detecting here, but I’m sure there’s something good around here somewhere. Something good. Or is it, just a.. Nail. Look at that a beautiful Sack seal, led sack sea. It has some kind of Text on this edge, but I think it has seen better days Sack seals are always a good sign to find then you’re on to some oldness I’m really Excited for this place. I’m gonna find something good. Been digging about half an hour not so many signals here a bit of iron these two finds that I have and Now I have a pretty good signal here It’s a steady 9-10 and that means something awesome. Let’s dig it up It’s from a lamp trash My father has signal, I’m just drinking beer from Estonia and Let’s check what he finds We have something here something, what is that? Mikä se on? (What is that in Finnish) a piece off Piece of iron? Some kind of It’s pretty light Can’t focus. Can’t really focus but some kind of trash. I found my second thimble. It’s in pieces In the middle of the field. Well There’s something here, but some coins should be here, but no can’t find any But thimbles yes well There’s some treasure here still. I have to dig it up. This is a good one. This could be some kind of coin or Fly in my mouth. Some kind of coin or something I hope it is Have to put it on. It helps. I have something here. It was really deep What is this? Is this what I think it is? Is it silver no, it’s a bottle cap Exactly what I thought Definitely a old bottle cap. Huh that was deep. I’m exhausted. My father got a signal First one in this forest And he dug up a horseshoe, half a horseshoe He’s an expert on finding horseshoes