Today you’re going to learn why mesh
sifters are so important and how they can help your business. By the end of
this video you’ll be an expert in mesh strainers. A mesh strainer is essential to
any kitchen or food service. Also known as a sieve or a sifter, mesh strainers
contain many small holes to separate liquids from solids. Many strainers have
a wide variety of uses when it comes to cooking, steaming, and food prep. For
starters they’re great for washing small quantities of food. Food items like rice,
herbs, fruits, and vegetables can be placed in a mesh strainer and thoroughly
rinsed under running water. For chefs who use a wide range of food to infuse their
sauces with bold flavoring, a mesh strainer makes it really easy to
separate solid foods like peppers and onions from liquid sauce. Mesh strainers
are also perfect for straining things like quinoa, orzo, couscous, and farina out of
pots of water. Ideal for removing seeds from salad dressings, mesh strainers can
also be used to sift powdered sugar onto delicious desserts like crepes and
funnel cakes. This process is also known as sieving. Available in several sizes,
many units are rust proof or dishwasher safe. They come with fine mesh or medium
mesh — and which one you’ll want to choose completely depends on what you’ll be
using them within your food service for. Fine mesh is preferred for sifting out
smaller particles like seeds, while medium mesh is better for rinsing
vegetables. Constructed of iron, tin, or stainless steel, mesh strainers are
durable and can usually be conveniently hung from a hook. A mesh strainer is
usually bowl shaped, but its depth and diameter can vary by model. No matter
what type of restaurant you own, a mesh strainer can help your food service’s
kitchen operate more efficiently.