In the Northwest’s north coast we have just these incredible producers you just really want to do them right by Not screwing up their product I was working at kind of a dive bar in college, I changed majors three times and I realized I liked my cooking job more than Anything I was studying so I ended up dropping out after junior year going to culinary school Cooked around Minneapolis off and on for about ten years and came out here a couple months later to see if I wanted to move out and Just fell in love with it With Meridian we’re sitting right on the beach right next to Cape Kiwanda. It’s a really dramatic dynamic area Just the sunsets alone make it worth showing up here for work every day The building we’re in is just a big open kind of a Lodge-style room exposed beams Huge windows with a southern exposure so we get sun pumping in here Sometimes you have you almost have to wear sunglasses on the line to get anything done at lunch. I try and keep it pretty light and fresh and very seasonal Really just trying to amplify the natural flavors of the products that I’m using It makes more work for me to Find all of these individual producers, but it’s so rewarding because you actually get to see caught it, or grew it, or created it becomes more of a collaboration rather than a business transaction That one’s actually a beer cheddar There’s a plain cheddar and a seems like there might have been a wine cheddar It’s almost got like a little a spiced characteristic and really good We’re trying to showcase all the amazing product that we can get just a really small radius