Look at how soft and springy this is! The dosa is soft. It dissolves on your palate! Wow! We’re in the Nazarabad area in Mysuru. And we are here to breakfast at what is Mysuru’s most famous dosa eatery. Hotel Vinayaka Mylari began over 80 years ago… … popular, iconic Masala Dosa. Over the years, Hotel Vinayaka Mylari has spawned many imitators… … but we are here to dine at the original establishment. The establishment that first began… … over 80 years ago. So let’s go in and check out what the Masala Dose at Vinayaka Mylari is all about. It’s a small eatery, barely six tables, but it’s packed… … buzzing with hungry diners who are here to taste the Mylari Masala Dose. So we’re going to go in and watch the legendary Mylari Masala Dose being made. So I’m here with Usha Rani, who’s the third
generation of Mylari Hotel. And her son, Sachin today, is also carrying
on the same tradition. And it was her mother-in-law’s mother-in-law who first started it. Alright. So, that of course, is a secret. The batter that is made here, is made to the same recipe for the last 80 years! There is some ghee that is being slathered
on to the dosa. And then I can smell the aromas that are emanating from the wood fire… … that is heating this iron tawa on which the dosas are being fried. Idli, Dose, Sweet. Idli, Dose, Sweet. So, if you look at the idli… … even the idli here is made in a wood fired steamer. So, she tells me that because of the wood fire… … meaning, it is very aromatic thanks to the wood fired steamer that these idlis are steamed in. This certainly looks like it has all the trappings of a delicious dose breakfast. So let’s go into the eatery and taste the iconic Mylari Masala Dose. Vinayaka Mylari. Aah! Vinayaka Mylari! Let’s go in and taste the iconic Vinayaka Mylari Masala Dose. Only two dishes that you can order here in addition to the sweet, which we will also try later. There’s a bit of wait as the breakfast is getting prepared at the back. I was speaking to that family there, and they’ve been coming here for the last 30 years. That’s testament to the food… … that’s served here, by this family that’s been running this establishment for the last four generations. So I’ve got my idlis to begin with. And these are not just any idlis. These idlis have been cooked in a
steamer that is wood fired. This is a very special moment. I have to capture it! The idli feels soft and springy to the touch. You also have some butter here. So you can… … take some of that butter and apply it… … quite liberally on the idli. Mmmh! I’m going to taste the idli just with that creamy, buttery… Mmmh! The idli’s soft. It has this tart edge. And of course that buttery goodness! Look at how soft and springy this is! And the idli here is served with a saagu… … an aromatic saagu and a simple coconut chutney. Mmmh! You have all that coconut and then the spice! This is a spicy coconut chutney. And a delicious one at that! It’s just the perfect complement to the slightly tart… … fluffy idlis! This is delicious. My sweet has also arrived, but I will taste
the sweet later. And now for some saagu with the idli. Mmmh! Oh my goodness! This is a delicious… … saagu. It’s a vegetable saagu. It’s got loads of coriander in it. You taste that fresh coriander masala
sort of a flavour and… … the vegetables still have their crunch intact. This is a tasty saagu! I’m going to taste a bite now with the
saagu and the chutney. You have the soft, fluffy idlis with its… … slightly tart edge. And then you have that spicy coconut chutney… … and the sprightly vegetable saagu. Oh! This is such a delicious breakfast! Mmmh! I’m feeling indulgent now, so I’m going to… … get a bit of the butter as well. And then get some chutney and… My last bite, I’m going to just have the… … idli with just the butter. Just to cleanse my palate of all the flavours… … and ready it for the original Vinayaka
Mylari Masala Dose. Mmmh! Lovely! So you’ve got this beautifully roasted dose. It’s thin. It’s almost lacey. And yet it’s soft inside. And then you’ve got the… … palya which is there inside. This dose feels unbelievably soft and
fragile to the touch. Oh my goodness! It’s as soft as that. And it’s got this generous dollop of butter… … that you can smear all over your Masala Dosai. I’m going to be greedy and go in for a big bite… … of the dosai, the saagu which also has that butter that’s been mixed into it. Mmmh! You know, the dose here is unbelievably fragile. It’s got this scrumptious bite. And it’s thick… … just enough to hold the saagu and
convey all those flavours… … to your mouth. Oh this is soft! If I were to taste the dosa by itself… … after the initial crunch, this dosa… … almost disappears in your mouth! It’s as soft, it’s as fragile, it’s as thin as that! I’ve never tasted this character in a dosa.
This is unbelievable! And yet, it is strong enough to hold the saagu. I’m going to taste this now with a bit of the chutney. Mmmh! This is unbelievable! You know, although the… … saagu is very similar in flavour… … to the saagu that I had with the idli. But this one has a little more of the potato. I mean, look at this! This almost… … the dosa almost dissolves… … into the palya, into the saagu here. The dosa is as soft. It dissolves on your palate. Wow! You can taste the fresh flavours of the
coconut in the chutney… … and just the right amount of spicing… … just to lift things up, just to perk the flavour up a bit. As I look around me, all the tables are occupied and people are waiting… … for the next batch of Masala Dose that’s coming out of the kitchen. Mmmh! The last bit of the dosa. Get a generous helping of the coconut chutney… … and hold on to the memory of this dosa
on my palate… We will move on to the Kashi Halwa. That’s glistening away. And I like the
sticky quality of this. You can see all that ghee. … in the Kashi Halwa. I like the measure. It’s a… … it’s a tiny measure. Just enough to get you some sweetness
in your mouth… … without calling for you to be over-indulgent. Mmmh. This Kashi Halwa has an endearing stickiness to it. It’s sweet, but not overly so. What I like is that stickiness… … and you want to taste some deliciousness… … make sure you visit this iconic eatery… … that has stood the test of time… … for over 80 years now! Until the next episode of Gourmet On The Road… … stay safe. And happy eating! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe, share and leave a comment. If you’d like to support Food Lovers TV… … do log on to foodlovers.in and hit the ‘Support Food Lovers’ Banner. Links in the description below. Happy eating!