Hey, we’re here on the time out couch with Bob. Our Mechanical Wizard here he’s been working to hard So I told him to sit down for a couple minutes. we’ll do, you guys uh have a little question period here so Bob has been with us for how long Six months almost Six months, it feels like forever though, you know, we’re a fairly new business here and Bob’s been uh With us for about six months. So Bob your background is in? You fix pretty much anything. But what is your specialty? Yeah, normally actually I’m an refrigeration guy. I do HVAC, heating and refrigeration to. And since I find this shop and uh you interviewed me I liked it because I want to be in a different field, other than my field. So I agreed to work with you. So I start doing it. You know who knows its something different. I don’t know there is so many different equipments around here. And he’s happy I think so. Because I’m doing almost all the troubleshooting in the whole warehouse. And whatever he brings to me i’m just to You have yet to not fix something. He has yet to leave us hanging on something So he when I hired him he said his background was refrigeration Which is a bonus for me and then he’s been able to basically troubleshoot at anything, We need uh for other equipment whether it’s uh dishwashers, ovens just anything like that. So he’s definitely, he earns the employee of the Day award A good two or three times a week I would say. Peaches is here too, the little dog she’s good at just standing around and barking at people. but uh We’re glad to have Bob here. So if you end up if you’re the city here and you end up calling us for a service call Bob will be smiley-faced at your door. Fix you up with what you need and uh If you have any questions too, you feel free to give us a call. You can chat with Bob about troubleshooting anything you have questions with over the phone and that’s about it. Anything else Bob? Yeah, yes As for my professional background mechanical engineering l have almost 20 years experience in HVAC, Refrigeration and other fields And especially now a days I’m dong different type of jobs. I love to do that. Because every day is challenging for me, I’m just facing it and doing it for you. try my best my best Right on, like I said he is a awesome employee we’re glad to have him and I hope he’s with us until he retires.