More traffic guys putting on a show for the
traffic here. Where’s the tightrope though? Yeah, where’s the tightrope? Very cool coffee
shop we went to this morning. Hello! We are walking on adventure now to go to a…what
is it? A food court? Yes, a food court with lots of options for classic Columbian fare.
Here we have Patacones, which are friend green plantains. Double fried! I got this delicious
soup and Rachel got two eggs and rice and avocado. Let’s give you now a tour of our
Airbnb. Bedroom. Patio. Big window. Hello Rachel! Quick video. Hello! Hello everybody.
This is the Airbnb that we’re staying at and this is a ginormous window. There’s a family
room, there’s a kitchen back there, there’s a big loft. I’ll climb up real quick. We’ve
been reading this book and we both really like it. Okay, I’m flying the drone outside
my bedroom and I had Rachel come. Rachel, look for the drown, wave to it! She’s like
“where is it? I can’t see it. Where is it? Oh there it is, hello!” As we were walking
to dinner I said let’s try to find the drown up here and see outside. We were kind of nervous.
We went to this wholefoods, organic restaurant place and it was very beautiful inside. Okay,
now we’re back at our apartment. See you later, bye!