OK guys. We are now in Orlando airport. In fact I am inside the Club MCO. I just wanted to experience what the lounge
was like. One thing that is kind of cool about this
lounge is that there is a shower service available as well. As well as other food, so let me give you
a little bit of a tour! The front lobby of the Club MCO. Very nice, very classy! In the lounge there is actually a kid’s section! There is basically a room with toys and such
for kids. It even got some consoles. Usually the lounge is designed for a lot of
the business travellers but this is Orlando and a lot of kids are coming through as well
because of Disney World. I think that is probably the reason why, they
have all this facility available for kids as well. So this area is a little bit like an office
kind of area. They have access to the printer and the computer. In case you need to print out anything last
minute, maybe the boarding pass or anything like that. They have soup. This one is a Tomato soup. Creamy tomato. And Baja chicken. These are actually pretty good. I already ate some of these. Salad, sandwiches and dessert as well. You can get some coffee, some fountain drinks
and then you have some seats where you can take a seat. This is one of the dining areas. This is the bar area. This is where they serve alcoholic beverages
and that is all included in the price. Make sure you don’t get too drunk or they
will refuse to take you on board! This is one of the areas, where you can get
some coffee and such but more importantly, there is information. Information as to when your boarding time
is, for which gate, if there are delays and such… that way you know not to miss the
flight! Veronica and I found a little spot here, that
is al little bit quieter in the corner. See? So yeah, that is the quick tour around the
lounge itself. There is actually a shower room as well. I am going to go in about 5 minutes and ask
if I can use it just to see what it is like inside! And these are the passes you can use for the
Club MCO. I used the Priority Pass. Diners Club, Lounge Club, Lounge Key, AAA
Discount Rewards. Or! You can just pay to come in. I think… If you don’t have the passes, can you pay
to come in here? How much is the fee? 42.60? $42.60 to come in. I think it’s definitely worth it!
and the shower is not available yet? OK Thank you! This very kind lady is checking to see if
the shower is ready for me to check it out. It would be kind of fun though! I never took a shower at a lounge. I have been to some lounges that have shower
services too. But this would be the first for me to actually
use it! Ah! I think it might be ready! I am actually inside the shower room at MCO
Club lounge. Check this out! It’s pretty good. They provide the towels then here is the shower. Shampoo, Rinse and such. Baby station if you need. I am actually going to take a shower. Just because I can! I got enough time before boarding anyway. That was actually quite refreshing! The water is hot, the pressure is not so bad. OK
So I just need to dry up and go out to catch my flight! You know? What would be better though? If they actually provided some hair dryer
too! My hair is kind of wet and I am not sure if
it will dry in time. They do have a hair dryer! So that was the one thing that I was not totally
happy about but they do so that 4 out of 5 just got bumped up to 5 out of 5! I was worried that, I was going to have to
sit in the airplane with wet hair because my flight departs pretty soon. Let me see. OK. With this, hopefully my hair will dry and
have a pleasant flight! OK! So, my hair has dried and I am squeaky clean. I can go on my flight! Just returning the hair dryer. Thank you! Ooh! I feel good! OK, so. To give my overall impression at the club
MCO at Orlando airport. I will say, let’s start with the food. Food is definitely 4 or higher out of 5. They have the soup which is hot and they have
the salad and sandwiches and range of beverages you can choose from. I have actually been to other lounges before
and I actually enjoyed the food very much. It might have to do with the fact that I was
quite hungry but regardless the food was definitely up there. Better than average. So 4 out of 5. The shower service. Excellent! I don’t really have a point of reference so
I can’t really give a proper rating. But I would say at least a 4. They do have the hair dryer if you request
for it. It is not in the shower room itself but if
you request it at the front, they do give you hair dryers for it. And they provide the towels and all of that. The water has good temperature and the pressure
wasn’t so bad either. So 4.5 out of 5. Overall atmosphere. They have great atmosphere. Very spacious seatings. There are areas that are quite pleasant and
calm. And there are areas that are quite busy because
of drinks and such. Another the thing, for the drinks. I don’t really drink but they provide the
alcoholic beverages that are free; included in the lounge fee. So you know. That is something to consider. The Wifi, I would say is about 3 out of 5. It’s a decent speed but nothing spectacular. But it’s not so slow that it’s unusable. And lastly, the features. They do have kid’s area, which is great. Especially if you plan on travelling as a
family. Most lounges like I said before is geared
towards the business travellers but this accommodates for the families as well. So all in all, I would give this lounge about
4 out of 5. And that is Excellent!
and I would say the experience overall have been very pleasant. If you are using Orlando airport, definitely
check this out. This lounge is by Gate number 91. It’s on terminal B
One last thing. The lounge does close at 9:30. So if your flight is much later than that,
that is something to put into consideration. Hope you guys enjoyed that!