Are we gonna ask
each other questions? Yes.
CREW: OK, cameras rolling. Ooh, it’s exciting. And– CREW: Action! Action. Hello, I’m Max Greenfield. Oh, you called action so quick. Yeah. [music playing] What do you remember
about the first time you saw yourself on
national television? My hair was ugly. That’s all fixed now. None of this is real. Here’s a good question. How do you feel
about your own butt? Pretty good?
– I feel OK about it, yeah. KAITLIN OLSON: It’s pretty good. I mean, look, it’s as pale
as a piece of looseleaf. That’s OK.
That’s all right. That can be fixed. But what are you gonna do? Selfie or shoefie? Shoefie? I’m not into the selfie,
so I’m gonna say shoefie. KAITLIN OLSON: Me too.
I hate the word “selfie.” It makes me gag. Oh, is that the– maybe
like where you go like this. Look where I am. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You just picked shoefie. [snicker] OK, well, I want to move on. Do you play the
piano or the guitar? You tell me. Oh-ho-ho! “The Mick,” new
this season on Fox. Thanks. I don’t know his show. [chord strums] And “New Girl,”
starring Bruce Springsteen playing Schmidt now. [snicker] [music playing]