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our thoughts with you after one month of testing,
from Detroit to Barcelona. So let’s jump right in and take a look at the FlatPak Soap Bar Case from Matador. [upbeat music playing] This case is black on black featuring a welded Cordura fabric. And it looks like there’s
some ripstop on the outside. And then on the inside there is some liner that is proprietary to Matador. The construction appears
to be two pieces of fabric that are relatively flat. Then they’re welded on the sides here. According to Matador it’s
a Dry-Through technology. So basically it keeps any water on the inside from getting out, any water on the outside from going in, but yet it’s still breathable. And this makes sense considering that the fragrance of the soap bar kind of comes through
this fabric a little bit. So that can be either a positive or a negative depending on
if you like that or not. Overall I think that’s
a really great thing, especially when you’re traveling
around with your backpack. It’s sort of like a miniature
air freshener for your bag. So overall, I found that to be a pro. And again, water isn’t getting
in or outside of this thing. For the rest of the aesthetic there is a subtle punched in logo that you can see right here. Then we have like a little
tag logo on the bottom. So some tasteful branding from Matador without going a little bit too crazy. We like that they kept
it mostly black on black. And you just have a little bit of a white Matador tag here overall. Definitely a slick looking little piece. And to wrap it up there
is YKK plastic hardware on this thing as well. So sometimes Matador will use
SBS, sometimes they use YKK, we’re a bigger fan of YKK so we’re glad they
used that in this case. [upbeat music playing] Basically pretty easy to use. You just slide your soap bar in and then you roll it up three times. So one…two…three…wrap
it around, buckle it and Boom! there you go. And so basically almost
an air tight container where you can hold your soap inside of. Yet still breathable
because the fragrance still somehow makes it outside
of it through the fabric. I’m not really sure how that works. But it definitely does work. One thing to know is when you are putting your soap back inside here,
just make sure to dry it off, dab it off a little bit, it’ll
help your soap last longer and it will be less gunky
like grime soap buildup happening on the inside. One negative part about this system is that it can technically come unrolled while it’s still in this state. So I can fully unroll it here. Let’s just do that real quick. And there we go, now
it’s pretty much open. Now it’s very rare that
this is going to happen, I really don’t foresee this happening unless you have something
really crazy happen inside of your bag or your pack. But just note that it is possible and it isn’t like exactly sealed. It’s definitely just rolled with this buckle system in place. But a positive part of this buckle system is it basically creates a little hook where you’re able to hang this
either from a carbiner clip on the inside or the outside of your pack, or on like a hook while you’re
using it inside of the shower, at a hostel or something
with a limited shelf space. So that’s definitely a
big plus for this system. It will fit most soap
bar brands we’ve tested – so we tested something from Dial, from Kiehl’s and also from Tone. All fit inside, no problems. So some of the benefits of
having a softer case like this versus a hard case are
that you are actually able to be a little bit more flexible
with how you pack things. So this can kind of take on
the size of the bar of soap that you have. When you have a large plastic case, it’s basically going to be the
same size the whole time, ‘cuz it’s a little bit more rigid. So this gives you some added flexibility as you use more soap on your travels; this will eventually get
smaller making it easier to pack. So that’s one nice aspect to this. Now what are some other nice aspects of traveling with bar
soap instead of liquids? Well for one, it doesn’t count
against your TSA allowance. So TSA allows 3.4 ounces,
or 100 milliliters, to go into your carry-on bag. With a bar of soap it
doesn’t really matter since it’s solid, and generally a soap bar will last a little bit longer than liquid soap while you’re on the road. If you do want to see a
kind of very useful soap bar that we’ve used in the past, check out our review of
the Lush Shampoo Bar. We found that’s really versatile – you can use it for your hair, your body, even laundry and dishes
if you’re in a pinch. So all that is kind of great
to have with you on the road. Have those different options
that’ll definitely fit right inside of this FlatPak Case as well. [upbeat music playing] At the time of this review
we’ve been testing the FlatPak from Detroit from
Barcelona for about a month with pretty heavy use. You can start to see some loose threads going on on the side here. But overall it’s held up well so far and that hasn’t affected
anything with the usage of the FlatPak. After heavy use it’s pretty easy just to flip this thing inside
out and wash it out, let it dry and then flip it
back to it’s original state, just to clear out some of that soap gunk. And on the road, although we
have demonstrated the mechanism of this being able to unravel
itself with your hands, that’s never actually
happened in our bags. It’s just something that
we wanted to bring up even though it probably won’t happen. So to wrap this thing up
with some pros and cons. There is some flexible fabric that basically fits around
the size of your soap. Matador has done an
excellent job with the design and it’s all smartly pulled together to create a pretty slick product. High quality materials are
used throughout the designs from the welded Cordura to the YKK buckle, they’ve definitely made
some good decisions here. Moving on to some of the cons. There is some slight
fraying where the Cordura is welded together after a
month of pretty heavy use. Technically the buckle
mechanism can be unraveled without unbuckling it,
not that big of a deal, but just something to be aware of. It’s probably never going to happen
in ordinary life and usage. [upbeat music playing] The Matador FlatPak Soap
Bar Case is a flexible, slick way to carry around
your bar of soap on the road. It doesn’t take up as
much room as a hard case and the breathable fabric
can work in your favor, serving double duty as a light
air freshener in your pack. After a month of use we don’t
have much to complain about besides some slight
fabric nuances happening on the Cordura where it’s welded. Thanks for taking a look at our review on the Matador FlatPak Soap Bar Case. Definitely head over to
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