There has been a shooting in California last
night Thousand Oaks about 40 miles west of Los Angeles
the sheriff reports 12 people were killed including articles double d’s and
many other inches and a popular restaurant the gunman entered and opened
fire Ventura County Sheriff Jeff Dean said that when they got a report of a
gunman opened fire in the bar grill office is already near the scene were
ordered to the location men to enter instead of waiting for reinforcements
this is the minimalize life loss witnesses say the officers were taken
down as soon as they entered the bar with one being shot in the face as a
gunmen were spraying the room with an Uzi he apparently had a thick long black
beard dark features and wearing black and enter in the popular bar
approximately 11:20 p.m. carrying a newsie in smoke grenades the bouncer
were killed instantly as he approached the shooter. I was on the dance floor dancing and in a split second everyone
yelled get down so I ran to the left of the dance floor where the back door is
and everyone’s too much dog piled on top of each other and then it was
silent for a couple seconds and then all of a sudden a couple guys that were
closer to the bar they got up and started running towards the back door
and say get up he’s popular at night at the bar for 18 to 20 once it’s reported
that role for a hundred people inside enjoying a country in West at night it’s
yet to be determined when or who took down the shooter it it’s a horrific
scene in there there is blood everywhere there are 11 victims
I will not count the suspect as a victim the suspect and then Sergeant Heelys 11
victims the suspect is 12 and Sergeant Halis makes 13 Sergeant Hillis was on
the force for 29 years was looking to retire in the next year or so he was a
Moorpark resident and is survived by his wife and his son.