I want to go to YG Entertainment. YG Entertainment! (Therefore!) Welcome to YG Entertainment! It’s BIGBANG! (Exciting experiences) (What miracle will take place today?) You know, this restaurant has been aired many times on TV shows. – Okay. / – Yes. Daesung, GD… (Daesung is here?) (Is there a chance to meet BIGBANG today?) (Filled with excitement) (Why are there so many suitcases here?) Why are there so many suitcases? Because they’re always on tours abroad. Because they’re always on tours abroad. (Suitcases to be taken on tours abroad) (What if there is a suitcase for BIGBANG here?) (No way…) (What if BIGBANG is at the end of this hallway?) (Right then) (Why is Julia smiling?) (Could it be Daesung?) (Her hope turned out to be just a hope) This is cool. (Cafeteria where BIGBANG members often eat at) (Can’t believe that I’ll be eating here) (Let’s eat) (And today’s menu of YG cafeteria is…) (Bulgogi) (Watch carefully and follow after me) Kimchi fried rice! Kimchi fried rice! (Good work, Jongmin) Mama, egg, egg! (Is it for me?) – Okay, Okay. / – This one. Okay. (I thought that was for me…) And this one, too. We prepared bulgogi especially for you guys! It’s originally not on the menu… – Yes. / – But they prepared it just for… Marta’s family. (What a lucky day for me!) (Oh, my Jongmin…) – Jongmin / – Come here. That isn’t for you. That is for Marta’s family… That was prepared for Marta’s family, not for you to eat up like that! For Marta’s family… (Sorry, it looked so tasty…) Marta’s family… Welcome to Korea, bulgogi! – Bulgogi. / – Yes, bulgogi for you. (So touched) Many, many bulgogi. Many, many. (I will have many many) Looks delicious. What’s that over there? – This is… / – Kimchi. – Kimchi, very good! / – Spicy. (Marta even knows radish kimchi) (Many, many kimchi) Can I have some more later? Yeah, you can have more later. (I wish I could come here every day) BIGBANG, eat. I can’t believe I’m eating here. You, face! Face! (Your face is brightening up) Happy you. Happy facial expression. (A very special meal for Marta) Okay, thank you very much. Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Thank you, Jongmin and Sangmin) This is kimchi fried rice. You can cook kimchi like this, too… (A spoonful of excitement) (First time, but a tasty spoonful) (Hope you guys like it) Good, good. It’s very good. This is very popular Korean food. Bulgogi. (A special menu for Marta’s family) Delicious? Good? (Best!) (Brother-like smile) (Jongmin, let’s eat!) – They make good soup. / – Yeah. Marta… We, first time. We, first time. (Hehehe) Because, you, we, together. First time, eat food here. This is an honor! First time. Thank you. – We thank you more. / – This is good. Good, good. Good. (A happy lunch time for everyone) When are you going to get married? You can’t just live by yourself forever. – Now is… / – Family, come, go. Family, come, go. Go! Very big story. What a wise fellow. (They can even joke about things like that now) I didn’t have much friends since I was young. BIGBANG was my only friend. (Now they can share each other’s painful past) My father passed away when I was five. I have no memories of him. It must have been hard. – Only mother. / – Okay. (And they caress each other’s painful scars) They must be happy with such good food. (Without knowing, they’ve all become a real family) This place is where my beloved BIGBANG comes every day. So spending time here together with you two means a lot to me. I gave you a little thing… But you gave me back a lot. (A grand miracle created by a night of sleepover) (We received a greater gift) I still can’t believe I’m here. (Overwhelmed) How could we stay still when you like it so much? How could we stay still when you like it so much? (Then, shall we do something more?) (Coming up!) As soon as BIGBANG’s music starts… Just leave, leave me… (And the result is?)