hello its in taking care and a I am just about to publish my
latest book in the online marketing series and this
one is about how to market hotels and tourism online if you are a hotel or towards
professional a manager or owner who is not familiar with all the latest
technology and not up to date the latest marketing strategies social
media mobile apps and all the changes
going on with media and travel distribution Then this book is meant for you even
though it’s written in it easy to read style that is fun and
follow the examples that any hotelier or tourism manager can
immediately relate to and understand the book is not trivial I’ve taken a lot of effort to make this
work worthwhile I’m very pleased with it and I know that
you will be too it covers very latest techniques world the search, the
world of distribution in the world’s media right now I’m giving away a free preview
of the book and a bonus anyone who just stopped by just go to launch. marketinghotelstourismonline,com and enter your email we will send you a confirmation letter
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looking forward to seeing you soon bye for now