[Theme Song plays] Joshua: one, two… Joshua: three! Ben: eightysix! Marcos: Ben! Marcos: one, two, three! Ok so guys, there is a video about food, ooh! and a drink! can I have this? let’s do the drink too? Yeah! Ok… I know! let’s do first……powdered donuts, so this is a powdered donuts, and it has powder in it, but no chocolate how did you call it? Powdered sugar donuts because it has powder on it, it could make your hands dirty. and there’s Josh his, my favorite, delicious, Nature Valley, is my favorite one has fruit and nuts. and this is called OREO, some people they make Halloween Oreo that has orange that really good. YEAH!!! Yes! and umm….. Hershey’s cookies, cream flavored milkshake! so you could… uhh…. Josh! So Josh, you could buy this in HEB, and ask permission from your family! and I forgot how many it costs, but my favorite one is this! Oh yeah! Yay! this is much less! Guess What! and is cost $1. you could get it from HEB! So guys, if you wanna buy this, you could go to your phone and a promo, HEB.com! if you wanna buy these, you could go to HEB and it’s cost $1. if this is a new one, and the new one too, but drink. so I will see you guys later about food. [BYE!] [End Credits play]