We’ve finished packing, triple checked for all the important things, we’ve loaded up the car ready to go to Croatia. I’m so excited I love Croatia. We’ve been a couple of times before and every time we go we try to get to different parts and we excited cann’t wait, love Croatia! it’s gonna be a lot nicer weather. yes! we’re gonna be based in Zadar and we’re gonna do a couple of day trips around the surrounding area [Music] la [Music] This is our first time in an airport lounge. We got in for free 2:23 because we’ve got two complementary passes with our credit card. What have you got? No idea! I’ve got olive bread, noodle salad and some chips. so for round one I’ve got this noodle salad and some peppers and then some nachos with salsa and sour cream. The lounge buffet also had various salad veg plus corn salad, bean sprout salad, and the biggest mountain of coleslaw known to man, cheese and crackers, ham, tuna, breads, pasta, pasta sauces, desserts, fresh juice and of course a bar. I’ve got sundried tomato bread and pasta with chicken, pesto and basil. What have you got to drink? Manchester pale ale. We found a really cool spot to sit there’s a lot of windows in this Airport lounge so we can sit and watch all the planes take off just over here So what did you think? First airport lounge experience. Yeah I enjoyed it, it was good. What was your favourite food? I liked the view the most. The flap jack was so good. Some time has passed since we last picked up the camera we got the taxi with another couple from the airport to our apartment in the old town of Zadar, and we just checked in to our room the woman who owns it was really really nice and she’s so helpful and she taught me that in Croatian the Rachel is Raquela and Aaron just doesn’t exist apparently our room is really really nice it’s quite simple and modern it’s everything that you need really for a few days stay and the balconies amazing it’s got really nice view, so I think we’re gonna go and explore for a little bit now right yeah even though it’s nearly 11:00 p.m. it’s still really really warm outside I definitely don’t need my cardigan it’s lovely I missed this yeah Wow look how cool it looks [Music] so this is greeting to the sun it’s by the same person who made the sea organ which we’re going to go check out tomorrow and it’s solar panels on the floor which taking the Sun during the day and then at night tada (more like Zadar!) it’s beautiful okay yeah fantastic Wow [Music] we keep getting ready to leave and then get distracted by it again can’t stop looking at it so we were going to see the sea organ tomorrow but we seem to have just stumbled across it anyway we can hear it anyway before we can see it the sound it makes is really haunting in a good way so many people just sat along the steps by the sea listening to the sea organ it’s a really nice place to hang out it’s really relaxing it’s very chilled yeah morning I’m looking to see how the sea organ works properly yeah it’s a bit too dark to be able to see at the moment [Music] we’re on the hunt for some late-night food don’t really care what just has to be on open and keep pizza okay the beers have arrived in big frosty glasses [Music] it’s arrived that pizza was decent is okay most importantly it was open past midnight I just needed mm-hmm yeah we’ll definitely eat something a bit more interesting tomorrow well then I think pizza from the first night is pretty good going [Music] the color of the water look at the size of that [Music] [Music]