homedepot customers want to know as a man attempt to saw off his own arms before i tell you the rest of the store
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below customers at a local california home
depot one able to do with the latest opulent and thus office alarms by using a two week picked up in the
stores powerful side uh… apparently sought office are all
the way up to the bone for police officers arrived to find him laying
unresponsive in a poor block assisted by officers the fire captain
came in and meant to stop the bleeding by using you know of makeshift turn it
into getting some towels trypsin on nylon rope in the end of sort of
saving this man co-operatives were article of association volumes to this
man sort of psychological status right arm theirselves but what was it was a kid call somebody to inflict such ts types of self invitations for instance americans of my body integrity identity
this border uh… review rely on the conclusion that
living with the living at it and to make them happier person i don’t know about that one but i mean i
guess that exist all for he could be suffering from another
disorder that you know basically snow it’s offensive feeling
that one of more limbs in your body doesn’t belong to oneself seaway give it
back on either way um… this is a very very very sad
situation into a speaks volumes to you what we need to do is a country on fixing our mental health politics for
the people that are mentally ill get the care they need when they need it on and you know we do everything is the
kids are going to help police abuse to make sure they get the care that you
know something but i think this is an example where we can lobby congress and
say stuff like this shouldn’t happen in america and we can do a better job about
a true and real mental health care on and provide insurance coverage and
what mental health care parity concert appearances and happen to