a developing story out of Doral a gunman opens fire inside of a KFC restaurant and then turns a gun on himself local 10 News reporter Tarak Ornette is there with an update Ferrell oh this is a dual KFC and Taco Bell restaurant here at Northwest 41st Street and 107th Avenue those gunshots happening inside sending the people who were in the restaurant running for cover the bodies of a wife and husband are carried out of a fast-food restaurant today hours after a dispute inside of the business turned deadly police say the 53 year old man showed up to the store just after 11:00 this morning demanding to see his wife an employee of the restaurant and in the store Lobby their altercation turned physical the man ultimately pulling out a loaded weapon she was attempting to get away as she ran towards the back he continues shooting her striking her multiple times the 51 year old woman died on the scene her husband then returned to the restaurants front lobby where he turned the gun on himself the drama playing out as the store was open for business and in front of four other employees at the time though no customers were inside those other workers were left visibly shaken after the incident detectives say the husband and wife were known to have a rocky relationship as of recently and the two were also parents domestic violence kills and we see that there’s a lot of victims out there that are victims of domestic violence that’s why they call it the silent crime they’re afraid to come forward and speak and unfortunately if you don’t take care of these domestic issues they do escalate and it ends up in a tragedy like the ones that we have today and so this restaurant is now closed in definitely unclear when it will reopen but police are still very much busy on the inside conducting their leg of the investigation as far as the identities the identities of that husband and wife have not yet been released detectives tell us that next of kin still being notified reporting live from Doral on to rough on a local 10 News thank you sir Oh