What’s up guys is Brock here and I’m in the Maldives this is paradise so basically I’ve
been saying here in the Maldives for about five days and I booked my whole stay on one
island based on a raving review from a travel blogger and I kind of feel like they left
some things out of that review so I will try to give my honest most fair review of this
island and then maybe some advice if you’re looking to come to the Maldives and want to
have a nice enjoyable vacation the island I’m staying on is called Maafushi and it’s
one of the locally inhabited islands that has been opened up to guest houses and hotels
so basically to explain you have a couple options if you’re looking to visit the Maldives
number one the traditional option is to stay on one of their resort islands which are really
expensive but very nice and you can you know have the typical overwater bungalow and typically
you don’t need to leave that resort island if you’re there you’re going to have all of
your excursions book through the hotel the problem with that is it’s really expensive
you’re looking to spend at least three four hundred dollars a night. I’ve seen some stays go up to twenty thousand
dollars a night in the Maldives so you know that’s on the higher end of the budget and
then of course you’re paying a premium for any excursions that you want to do so on Maafushi
its one of the guesthouse islands now this is one of the more populated guesthouse islands
but not the largest island of course in Maldives been the main city would be one of the it’s
basically like a city and I don’t really recommend staying There Maafushi is give and take I
would say basically it’s inexpensive. you’re your typical hotel guest house is
going to be around forty-five to sixty dollars a night and then you can book excursions you
know a little less expensively like for instance a day of scuba diving is going to be about
a hundred twenty dollars you can do a half day snorkel for forty dollars and they also
will take you out on a boat to visit some of the resort islands for a day and you’re
looking at around a hundred, a hundred and twenty dollars for those visits as well now
one thing that I feel was left out of the review that I sort of gambled my whole trip
on with that the entire island of Maafushi right now is under Construction. I don’t know if you can hear going on behind
me there are three or four hotels being built and i can’t find a single beach to relax on
where you don’t hear this constant sound of construction now that being said the beaches
are beautiful I’ve seen some amazing sunsets here and the water is warm you can always
find a spot on the beach that’s not crowded if you want to be alone but then again with
that constant sound of the grinding in the construction is it really worth it? well,
it’s give and take but I, just want to give you the most honest review in my opinion. If I was going to come back and do it again,
I would look for maybe one of the smaller guest house Islands and maybe that’s not so
developed. Part of the reason that I do like Maafushi
is that you have a lot of options for restaurants and you know it’s got some infrastructure. You don’t feel completely isolated and cut
off, but another alternative for staying in the Maldives that I would consider, is to
do what’s called a live-aboard stay, and you can actually stay on a boat which will take
you around different islands and you have your accommodations on board meals, and everything
prepared and I think that’s you can get it for somewhere in between you know the cost
of staying on one of the islands and one of the more expensive resorts so it’s something
to Consider unfortunately like I said I booked my whole stay on one island and to get around
to some of the other islands would be really complicated. I’d have to book a speedboat, and those are
expensive, so I can’t really give a good review on the rest of the Maldives but as long as
this construction is going on I would say maybe Maafushi isn’t the best place to stay
in the Maldives you’re going to spend the money to come here however if this construction
is finished I think it would be perfect because it’s a beautiful little island you get to
experience a lot of the locals the local way of life and it’s a different side of things
that you would see from visiting the resort’s here, but I think my next trip I’m going to
save up a little more and probably stay in one of the nicer resorts and just really enjoy
paradise which is what people come to the Maldives for
[Music] still the ever-present sound of construction
here I don’t want to be Negative this is paradise the beautiful place, but I also want, to be
honest and let you guys know if you’re planning to come Here what you can expect in terms
of noise so like I said I don’t want to be negative
but i did it as a key that you get what you pay that being said I have stated in places
that cost less money and offer a little bit more in terms of relaxation but it’s give
and take you know if you want to you can stay here in inexpensively and then plan your trips
out to other islands or do excursions you know like I said but all the construction
is a little bit of a Letdown [Music]
so guys if you decide to come and stay in Maafushi Island I would recommend staying
at the guest house that I’m staying at it’s called water breeze it’s located close to
the beaches actually anywhere you say on the island it feels like you’re at the beach but
that being said this is closer to the bikini beach and everything I’d also say that the
hotel called Arena hotel looks really nice it looks new and they had a good breakfast
the breakfast at water breeze basically comes from a can so these are the basic accommodation
that you can expect it to stay and water breeze guesthouse they have an in-room Safe it’s
air-conditioned its clean the service is good they provided beach towel bath towels and
two-three bottles of water every day so you really can’t complain ok guys so one of the
reasons i chose this guesthouse in particular was the raving review by the travel blogger
who will remain unmentioned said that this has a super-fast Wi-Fi and honestly it is
crap I’ve really been struggling to get anything connected to this Wi-Fi. Honestly I even to upload like a 4 megabit
jpeg was a struggle so just being honest here what I had to do with what I had to do is
I went to Maldives and you know it took a whole day basically because of the ferry schedule
but if you’re arriving you can maybe go to Maldives before you go to your resort pick
up a sim card I think i got four gigabytes for around 20 or 25 US dollars and definitely
worth it because the 4G connection has worked everywhere and it’s a lot faster than the
hotel Wi-Fi and I think it’s a problem generally throughout Asia I haven’t done that much traveling
in Asia but from what I hear is that you know he just can’t always rely on having a good
solid Wi-Fi connection I’m here for a couple of days before i go to the Philippines and
I have scuba diving scheduled for tomorrow and that’s one of the main reasons that I
wanted to come to the Maldives they have apparently just some of the most amazing scuba diving
in the world so I hope to see some of that and then after that i will be in Philippines
for i think one month at least I’m going to renew my passport there and explore some of
the local islands and probably do some more scuba diving in the Philippines as well Alright
guys I’ll catch you on the next video peace.