A new day a new journey and a new destination. I am Saurabh and you are watching Wandering Monk. Today I am with my travel and life partner Anupama, and my second travel partner Mudita. And we are going today to Maldives, Yes, Maldives which is such a small country. Very beautiful and you can’t find it on Google Map If you zoom out, you might not even see it on the map. We will keep talking about Maldives on the way. We are currently seated at the boarding gate to catch a flight. There are 3,4 basic expenses on any trip. These are flight, visa, city transport, hotels and food. So, in this video, I will tell you about all these expenses associated with Maldives. I will start with flight after boarding. Let’s go back a little, begin from the beginning. This is Mumbai international airport terminal 2, which is very luxurious. Look at the architecture designing at the airport, everything is wonderful. There was not much congestion at the airlines’ check-in counters we had quick check-in Dropped our bags And went towards immigration and security Security and immigration were not very crowded, We were through with the immigration & security process very quickly. Loyalty Lounge comes a little further on the just right side of the security check, We had time and we had reached the lounge And those people who do not know, I would like to tell those people that you get this facility on many credit card debit cards so that you can enjoy these lounges and pay 2 Rs. Only. Comfortable seating, wifi, juices, alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee, salads, and fruits, soup and there was gajar halwa also. It was lunch time and in Lunch, daal, rice, paneer butter masala and naan were also kept. I enjoyed the lounge, and now, it was time to go to the boarding gate. Maldives as you may have seen in photos & videos. Maldives is famous for its clear blue water of Sea, white sand and some luxury resorts, some may I say that more resort is luxurious or ultra-luxurious. So how to afford this luxury destination in the budget, I will try to tell you the same on this trip. So, I will tell you how & where to cut the costs. How to reduce the cost of transportation, resort & food. So on this trip, I will keep telling you all these things. keep watching my channel Wandering Monk. This is GoAir’s Flight G8-23, which is taking us from Mumbai to Male Last year, if I had thought of going to the male, we would not get any direct flight to go from Mumbai to Male. Rather, we would have to first go to Bagalore or Cochin and then from there to Male. Last year in August and October, GoAir & IndiGo started its flights from Mumbai and Delhi to Male That’s why now it is very easy & economical to go to the Maldives. Usually, Mumbai to Male return fare is 16-17 thousand Rs but we found these tickets in MakeMyTrip mega travel sale for 11500 rupees Finally, we have reached Male’s Velana international airport, We have cleared immigration and are waiting for the bags. There was a huge rush because of weekend and also because 3-4 flights landed in a very short span of time. It took 15-20 minutes to clear the immigration. The process is very simple, you only have to give your passport and Arrival form. They do not ask for anything, fund proof, hotel booking, flight ticket, nothing. This is the arrival area of Male Airport and we are going to the counter no 28, because we have to get our speed boat which will take us Maafushi. These are some ATMs where you can withdraw your currency or exchange your currency. We have brought US $ with us because a lot of resorts accept that $. I’m not even going to withdraw cash. This information is for you people that if you come here and you need Maldivian rupees, you can withdraw from these ATMs. These are the seaplane counters that take you to luxury resorts. If you have to take a transfer from SEA plane then you will have to come to this counter. There 2 main telecom operators in Maldives, ooredoo & dhiraagu. Both of them are similar in prices, plans & networks. You can take whichever you like. Although all the hotels & resorts provide free wifi. This is Male’s Valena International Airport which is on Hulhule Island. It’s a cluster of 3 islands, Male, Hulhule & Hulhumale. This cluster of 3 islands is a kind of the center of the country. On my right side, there is Male & on the left side there is Hulhumale. This also serves as the transport hub for Maldives. Let’s talk about transport, but before we talk about transport, I should explain a little bit about geography. So that, you can understand about the transport in a better way. about options of transport and about the distances. This is South India If we go further down to south-west, south of Srilanka, we will see a little country Maldives. Maldives, looks like this if we zoom in These are atolls. There are 26 atolls in Maldives. There are some 1120 islands in these 26 atolls. Only 200 islands are inhabited. The inhabited islands are also of 2 kinds, 1st is private resort islands and public islands. And if we talk about the International airport, it’s here in Male and the name is Velana International Airport. The total land coverage area by Maldives is not much. This is Ha Alifu Atoll, which is in the north of Maldives. If you go to the extreme South, you will find Seenu & Lahviyani Atolls. Here, Maldives has it’s 2nd Largest International Airport, Gan. If you look at this map attentively, you will see many red-colored airport marks. And, you will see many more red-colored Airport marks. These all are domestic airports of Maldives. All these domestic airports have direct connectivity from Male Airport. If we talk about transport options. from the transport hub of Male international airport, To all the closer atolls like North Male Atoll, South Male Atoll, and Kafu atolls, you can reach there by Speed Boats or ferries. Because they are relatively close and come within the distance of 50-100 KMs. But if you’re going very north or very south like Gan International airport, then you will have to take domestic flights or seaplanes. That’s how we can conclude that in Maldives the transport options are Planes, Speed Boats or ferries. On this trip, I am going to stay 4 nights in Maldives and I have divided 4 nights into 2 resorts. I am staying in 1st 2 nights at Holiday Inn which is 35 km from here. I have taken a slightly little different way to reach the Holiday Inn from here. The easiest way would have been to speak to the Holiday Inn to make the transfer arrangement. In that case, we had to pay 42 thousand Rs for 3 people. I have managed my transport myself, I will have to give pay total Rs 14 thousand for a return trip to Holiday Inn from the Airport. For this I have booked 1 shared speed boat to get to Maafushi, tickets for 2 adults and 1 child coming to be 50$ And then I am paying 50$ for Holiday Inn Private Speed Boat Transfer from Maafushi. In this way, we will have to spend 100 $ to reach the Holiday Inn from the airport i.e. 7000 Rs And for the same thing, I would have to pay 21,000 Rs if I had opted for transportation arranged by Holiday Inn . As soon as you get out of the terminal, you will get speed boat jetty Speed boat of resorts to take you to the private island from this jetty, Shared speed boat to go to the public island. And the public furry for Male also runs from this jetty. No Hassles, collect the bag, grab the speed boat and reach your destination. Everything smooth. We are riding on Kani Hotel, Maafushi’s speed boat, it will take us first to reach Muffushi and from Mafushi we will take a second speed boat which will take us to our destination Holiday Inn. In the next episode, I will take you to Holiday Inn resort, which is on Kandooma Island. We will also talk about accommodations options in Maldives. This is my 1st attempt at travel vlogging, so if you have any suggestions & feedback. Please mention it in the comments. And don’t forget to Like, comment and share the video with your friends and family members. And to watch more videos of Maldives series, please Subscribe to my channel and press the Bell icon.