Today is going to be a little bit of the
behind the scenes of filming our first commercial – our first big marketing push
on social media for this location. Good morning everyone and welcome to Cass and
Bran! so right now I am in our cookie shop in Tampa Florid. You might be asking
Cassie why are we here today? Well because we are a little bit late with
the marketing of this location. It’s because we have been so busy getting
everything together with the first location. As I told you guys in a
previous vlog, it has just been me here Brandon is still in New Jersey at our
first location so it’s been me getting everything that we need set up for this
shop by myself which is a lot of stuff. I’m gonna be hounding in the next few
days until when we open on marketing all over social media to letting them all
know that we are here, we are going to be having cookies, ice cream, and milk for
delivery until 3:30 in the morning. Today what I’m doing is I am going to be
launching our Facebook and Instagram pages. For the first video, I plan on
introducing them to us, introducing them to Cookie Munchers. It’s mostly like an
introduction video. My first priority is to start filming here and then I’m gonna
find a forest nearby to have just a blank grassy background behind me. Let’s
hope this commercial comes out good. I hope to have it edited for the end of
this video so stay tuned to see how this all comes out. Alright let’s do it!
We’re ready to start our second location in beautiful sunny Tampa, Florida. Alright guys so now it’s time to head to
the forest. I asked the neighbors – well actually they brought it up first. They
basically brought it up that like make sure we have security cameras and
everything because you know in general, this is more of a city and people do get
held up here like people will walk in and steal your register and things like
that. It’s not like a small safe town like Glassboro which has like a cop
every two seconds. This is an actual like city area. It’s very very populated. So
they basically brought up to make sure that we have the help buttons in the
shop, which are basically like you press it and it’s like help I’m being robbed
if I can’t call on the phone but then also have a phone to be able to call if
we are in need of help. They said the smoothie place in the same building has
now – they said they believe it was twice they’ve came over to them and said we
just got robbed so that’s why we’re installing security cameras on the
outside of the building, the inside of the building, and also of course the help
buttons and anything else that we can do. I just want to bring that up to you guys
in case you guys ever do a brick and mortar just make sure you’re not naive
to security. You gotta be safe in busy areas like this. Alright, let’s go to
the forest and keep filming this commercial! I’m Cass and my boyfriend
and I own Cookie Munchers which is a late-night cookie shop. Three years ago
when we graduated [email protected]#!$!# Michelle is actually with me. I picked
her up on the way to here. Thank you! By the way, they like you in the vlog. Yeah?
You’re in the last comments. So now we are leaving the park and I think the
shots came out awesome so hopefully they do. And Michelle helped so thank you for
being an awesome person as always! So I just finished on my laptop filming
the Cookie Munchers’ first Tampa commercial which took forever but I’m
super excited with how it came out. I think it’s awesome. it’s kind of sad that
the Brandon couldn’t be in it. He’s been gone for a really long time like two
months now or something crazy but he’ll be back soon so you guys will see him
back in the vlogs coming up. I’m gonna pop up on the screen how the
commercial came out. I’ve been editing it on Adobe Premiere Pro this entire time.
When I’m done with that, I’m basically going to chop a bunch of these vlogs up
and turn them into little mini 1 minute segments to post on social media as well.
I hope you guys enjoy it. Let’s pop it up on the screen right now! I’m Cass and my
boyfriend and I own cookie Munchers which is a late-night cookie shop. We started it 2
years ago when we graduated college. I spent weeks contacting every
restaurant in town begging them to let us use their kitchen in their off hours
at night. Finally we found a bagel shop that gave us a chance and Cookie
Monster’s was born. When we first started it, we were living in my car but
long story short, we built it up into a major success. Coming soon to your city
of Tampa Florida next to USF is late night cookie delivery! Now we are ready to start our second location in beautiful sunny Tampa, Florida! We moved here with anything that fit
one car load and now we’re here ready to make this dream a reality.
We’re known for cookies that are warm and as big as your face! Here’s the
progress that we have so far on the shop. We deliver warm cookies ,ice cream, and
milk and we’re open for in-store or delivery until 3:30 in the morning. Like
and share this video for a chance to win 6 free cookies when we open! Help us
spread the word that Cookie Munchers is coming to Tampa! Alright guys, I hope you guys thought that was awesome! I hope you’re proud of me because it was a really really hard thing
to come up with the first thing for our second store where no one actually knows
us here. Hopefully it goes well. I will share with you guys in an upcoming vlog
and how all these social media pages go. I’ll be focusing on this more in the
upcoming vlogs, all the marketing that’s going into our second location. So if
you’re interested in how to market a new business, this will all be relevant to
you guys so keep a lookout! There will be more marketing videos coming up so I
hope you guys had an awesome day with us remember the channel is not all that
business, it’s all about having fun so leave your comments below and let us
know what you think of the journey. If you like this video and you’re enjoying
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video and we’ll see you guys next time on Cass and Bran! Munch out! This is gonna be our first
time really going completely from scratch in an area that we didn’t go to
school so it’s gonna be way different. We kind of knew the lay of the land
back at Rowan University because that’s where we went to school and we felt more
comfortable there. This is completely out of our comfort zone which I love getting out of my comfort zone. I encourage you guys to do the same