– My name is Bailey,
from Ballinger Family. (happy music) (joyful music) – Good morning, everyone. Today, we are doing a meet
and greet first thing, and then we’re doing a panel. So you’re gonna see a lotta
the backstage of Playlist. Ready for a meet and greet? – [Parker] Yeah, see I’m
following that black line. – Okay, follow that black line. So for these events,
usually it’s like backstage at a convention, or a hotel or something, so we’re going through areas like this, which are hallways that you never see, but it’s where all the action happens to make the hotel work,
right Bailey (mumbling)? Hi everybody. – [Audience] Hi. – We just finished the meet and greet. The kids did great. It’s a lotta fun getting
to meet a bunch of people that watch our videos. Parker’s leading us out. Everybody really likes
Parker’s outfit today. It’s an outfit that Jojo gave him, and I think it’s from
her Jojo’s Closet line. I know that’s in stores somewhere, but I don’t know which store, so look into it, if
you’re interested in it. Great job with the meet and greet today. You helped out with Duncan so much. – Thank you. – You did a great job. And you wiped yourself
off several times over. (Baily giggling) He wiped me off a lot too. I feel much cleaner after
that meet and greet. (“Brand New (Helium)” by Lvly) ♪ Funny how the story goes ♪ ♪ Little hope, but bigger dreams ♪ ♪ Uh ah ♪ ♪ They try to bring this sucker down ♪ ♪ Singing loud to thin the crowd ♪ ♪ Uh ah ♪ ♪ Listen, the rains are on ♪ ♪ I’m feeling brand new ♪ ♪ Keep pushing forward ♪ ♪ It’s gonna save you ♪ ♪ Never look down no, oh ♪ ♪ Not when we shine so bright uh ight ♪ ♪ The sun is getting warmer ♪ ♪ Oh when we soar away among the clouds ♪ ♪ The sky is just a border ♪ ♪ Oh when we’re floating up like helium ♪ – My name is Bailey,
from Ballinger Family. (audience applauding) – I’m her dad, Chris. (audience applauding) – [Audience Member] Is
there anything specificly that like you look forward to filming, a specific kind of video, or do you like it when
people recognize you? – I like filming the show. – I hope that we’re a
good example of family that’s loving, and kind, and accepting. And the best thing that
happens for me through YouTube, is when someone stops us, like
it happened a couple times while we were here in Florida, where people are like thank you so much, you’ve given me hope in this area, or you’ve brought
awareness to this issues, or you’ve affected me in such a way. That is why we do this. The pregnancy and birth journey of Duncan was amazing to share. – I was also going to say that too. – Related or something. I wish that I had those memories
documented in the same way for all of my kids. So there’s a big pool
party happening right now, and we’ll go to that in a little bit. But part of the pool party
is they shoot off fireworks, and I think from right here, we’re gonna have a pretty
cool view of the fireworks. Let’s see. They just turned off the music. I think they’re gonna shoot
off from there, but we’ll see. We’ll see. The Magic Kingdom set off their fireworks. Where’s your fireworks, Playlist? So the fireworks never started. They’re gonna happen at some point, but they’re happening
down at the pool party. The kids are eager to
go to the pool party. So now, where are we going, Jake? – To the pool party, Dad. (happy electronic music) – So that right there is
the party for the creators. And we snuck away from the
party to go in the pool, ’cause the pool isn’t up there. It’s down here. You having fun, Parker? – Yeah. (happy electronic music) – You guys, what’d you think
of that fireworks show? – That was really good.
– It was really great. – Yeah it was awesome. Alright, the kids just got changed, and now we’re going to another party, this will be party
number three for the day. One other funny thing, if you’re a creator at one of these events, you
can’t take a regular elevator, you take a service elevator. And it always reminds me of
the Tower of Terror, yeah. Tower of Terror. – It doesn’t look like
the Tower of Terror. – [Chris] No, but it reminds
me of the story line. – Why? – ‘Cause you take a service elevator. (happy music) Did you guys have fun at the party? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Yeah, are you tired? – No.
– No. – I’m tired. I’m ready for bed. – You gotta read us a story though. – Okay, I’ll read you a story. What are we gonna read about tonight? – Lincoln. – Abraham Lincoln?
– Yeah. – Sounds educational. (gentle music) Welcome to Sunday at Playlist. We don’t have any meet and
greets or anything today. We’re doing some meetings
and we’re just basically playing backstage today. So it’s gonna be a lotta fun. Bailey has been begging
to go to the Tarte Lounge and get her makeup done. I think Parker’s been begging too. But Bailey’s in the
makeup chair right now. Bailey, are you getting a makeover? – Yeah.
– Wow. – [Makeup Artist] You like it? – Yeah.
– Yeah? – [Chris] Wow, you are like
Edward the Vampire right now. (happy music) – I think I might have
to redo this ponytail. – Oh you look so pretty.
– Thank you. – Do you like your makeover?
– Yeah. (happy music) – Oh my goodness, do you like
having this much makeup on? Wow Parker, did you get eyelashes too? – Uh huh.
– Can you close your eyes? Let me see, whoa. What do they feel like?
– Super light. – Super light? – But like (laughing),
like touch this part. – [Chris] They touch that
part, does it tickle? – Yeah.
– Yeah, well – I think it’s perfect, I think I love it, and I love it. (happy music) – I like where you decided
to dance, it’s great. Get it, do you get the joke? Grate? Yep.
– The ground. – That’s the ground, yeah, you got it. – Today we are doing makeup. And when we get back to the hotel, I’m gonna redo my makeup
because I don’t think it’s good. – [Chris] It’s time to go
to one of the last parties of this whole thing. Bailey did her own makeup,
can I see your look? Oh, and Parker did his own? – Can I see?
– Yeah you can see. – Did you?
– Wow. – So for this party, they
rented out the Orlando Icon, or the Icon Orlando, I’m
not sure what it’s called. But it’s a giant Ferris wheel thing, kinda like the London
Eye, which we went up in in last season of this show. Let’s go up really high. Oh my goodness, we’re in a thing. We are in the Icon Orlando,
how you feeling about it Jacob? – I’m feeling cool. (light happy music) – Jayden’s riding with us.
– Ay. – Taylor and Vanessa are here. We did the secret Santa thing with them during our Vlogmas if you remember that, so check that out if you missed it. It was a lotta fun. – Yes it was.
– It was so much fun. – [Jessica] Yay. (light happy music) – Almost to the top, Duncan, almost there. – Whoa.
– Top of the world, but I’ll do it, I would, you wanna bet. – To the top, we are coming to the top. – [Chris] How do you feel about this? – Awesome, now I’m ready
to go on the swing. – [Chris] I don’t know about those swings. Those swings are pretty high up. – [Bailey] Then don’t look down. – [Chris] Well there’s thunder, there’s lightning just
happened over there. – [Jayden] Oh yeah, so we’re (mumbling). – [Chris] Look at the lightning. Yeah, we’re at the tallest thing, and there’s totally lightning
happening over there. – We’re on the top of the world. – [Chris] We’re on top of the world. Top dog, TM, we are totally at the top. (light happy music) hey Duncan, are you ready to ride back? Who is that?
– Mickey. – Mickey, oh my goodness,
you found Mickey on the bus. (gentle music) Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned that it’s not always best to do things from the
comfort of your own room. Sometimes you gotta go to the pool party, if you wanna see the fireworks. We learned that fake eyelashes
tickle your under eyebrow. And finally we learned the correct way to use a dramatic pause. Thanks for watching everybody,
we’ll see ya next time. (gentle guitar music) (laughing) Can you tell us what inspired your makeup? – What inspired the blueness of my makeup was the Avatar. Jayden’s nervous right now. – Very. (happy music) – Did you like the ride?
– Yeah. – Yeah we got that maple popcorn. – It says I traveled
the world dot, dot, dot showcase at Epcot. – Duncan and I are waiting for
Christopher and the big kids. Oh, hello. (happy music)