Hey guys! Today we’re going to show you
how to make a custom farmhouse or Rustic wood sign. First print to size, any word or
date that might be important to you. Tell us in the comments what you would print. With a protective surface below your print, Cut around the letters with
an exacto knife or small box cutter. Remove the printed sections. Guess what?! You’ve just created the stencil! Easy as pie! With painters tape secure the
stencil onto the board of your choice. Quickly blot the paint on with a dry brush. Remember, this will look old and weathered in the end, so it doesn’t have
to be perfect!! While the paint is wet, remove the
stencil. Then allow the paint to dry Another option is to trace the stencil
outline onto the wood. Trim your stencil to size, then secure the stencil onto
your board. You will need to use a firm pressure to outline the printed word, with a pen or pencil. You might need to go over the edges a couple of times as you move along. Remove the stencil and you will be able to follow along the lines with paint. Then just fill it in! Now that you’ve seen both options,
which one do you think you’re going to try? Cutting out the stencil or tracing
it? Tell us in the comments below! To age the signs after the paint is dry, use
a sanding sponge or sanding paper to distress the signs and remove some of
the paint! Remember we don’t want it to be perfect! So, it’s okay if some spots
get more paint removed than others. Hang it up wherever you need a
beautiful rustic wood sign and Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for being awesome and making such a cool farmhouse sign! Lastly, please like this video and
subscribe to our channel below. Thank you for watching