– Holy (bleeps), sorry. (laughing)
Right? – Our mission is to
reintroduce full-grown adults who like to have fun,
go out date-night style, to professional sleight of hand. – I’m done.
– Magic’s real! – I’m done, magic’s real.
– Right? – Everything else is a false idol. Burn it down. I’m Mark Wilson with Chicago Magic Lounge and you have to see this. – Oh my god, ah, water, please, water! (funky bass music) – So you first walk into the Magic Lounge and this is what you see. It’s a laundromat. And you have to find the secret entrance. – You’re not coming just
to see a magic show. You’re coming for a magical experience, and if we just had you
push open a door and say, “I’m here for the magic,” we would lose that real,
true guest experience of throwing you completely
out of the moment. – Lint compartment must be cleaned daily? It’s opening. And presto, I’m in. Now we’re in this very
intimate sort of parlor filled with all these magic artifacts. To the left, there’s this
really incredible bar that’s full art-deco’d out. So, we’re just at the bar before the show and I stepped up to the,
I guess, performance area. – [Magician] Do you have a
deck of cards I can borrow? – No. – [Magician] All right, I’ll use mine. – The magician hosting ended up pulling me into a few tricks and it was a lot of fun. – [Magician] Does anyone
want to feel my balls? You can feel it if you want to, that’s okay if you don’t want to. – Magic used to be intrinsic to Chicago. – Yeah, we did create a style of magic that no one knows about. It’s kind of lost to the ages. – So, Chicago-style magic. – Chicago-style magic, yeah. It was about showing
close-up sleight of hand at someone’s table in a restaurant. – Where’d it go? – I don’t know, it disappeared. – Right, right, right.
– You know? What we’re doing is trying to show you where magic is today and
reintroducing it to a new era. – Like a magic trick unto itself. – [Joey] Yeah. – [Mark] This space is gorgeous. – [Joey] Thanks. – There’s obviously secret doors and all those really
fun things, but I mean, it’s just an incredibly
designed space functionally where you have this obviously, this big room here but a lot
of really intimate moments with one-on-one with magicians, too. – Yep, we want that personal engagement. We want the magic to be atmospheric. We want it to be just
surrounding you at all times. And, the best way to do that is just bring table magic to you here. – All right, I can say it? – Three of clubs. – [Man] All right. – It’s so weird to be
watching somebody’s hands from like three inches away, literally, and just having your mind
blown because you can’t deconstruct how they’re doing
what they’re doing at all. Literally, it’s easier to accept that they’re breaking all
rules of reality and physics. What if the trick is
it’s all literally magic and there’s no sleight of hand going on? Then, I watch the mainstage show, which was a lot like stand-up
comedy but with, like, boo, what-the-hell-is-going-on moments. (crowd gasps) Look, clearly the founders of this are historical magic nerds, but the cool thing is
that they found a way to design the experience
so anybody can enjoy it and get sucked in and
have their minds blown. Holy crap.