Last game of the year was in the Hotel First game of the year is gonna be at the Hotel… That hotel….Let’s take a look at it… “I have already been there. Everything was working, and suddenly, look at that…” “all destroyed and you are destroying more” “there was a sauna and everything beautifull and working” It’s a flashback cool uh? ok; This game is like that : Two teams. Each one have a missile in his base And each one have the same objective; Steal the enemy missile and take it base to his own base My squad is gona take that big flank. watch for the windows contact. gogogo. Open fire, suit yourself They saw us! Come! Contact right there. It’s yours I gave a headshot on that one! good. Open the way. We have to be quick take a look at my back nothing? GAMEOVEEEER! I bought it back….without a shot I wanted to say to you that this little guy over there ( because he is far away. He’ll come closer and ‘ll be bigger ) Is the guy that took me to paly paintball for the first time He’s an oldtimer. He like to shoot. He quind a stopped playing but I’d like him to play more He doesn’t watch my videos but I hope that he sees this one cause it’s a CALL!