hey everyone its mark Wiens in japan we just took the train to Hasani which is about an hour and a half outside of Tokyo in the mountains and this place is known for its hot springs and forth real cons which are Japanese traditional guest houses in and it has always been my life I really wanted to stay in a Japanese Inn for a very long time to experience Japanese culture and especially for the food we have the chance now where we’re going to go check into a Japanese Videocon and have the full Japanese food this traditional guest house experience and I’m going to share it all with you so far just walking around this little town I am already loving it the views are beautiful you’ve got some really fresh air and Videocon that we chose to stay at it’s actually very close just a few hundred meters from the train station partly chose it because it’s so close but also it seemed like when I booked kind of last minute so a lot of the places were already full but this place looks amazing oh just look at these views [Music] oh yeah Japanese shoes Formica thank you very much we’ve gotten all checked into this ryokan this is amazing oh yes please thank you very much what does it all begin a youth yukata you’ve got that okay thank you it’s just three open rooms and all covered in that tatami mats this is the main room here this is where we’re going to be eating dinner and breakfast but then there’s also a room here time I guess and then we’ve got a third room which is I don’t I think this is just kind of like a bedroom the bathroom the entranceway is here the whole bathroom is back here in this corner the room is amazing but the view of the outside garden and our private bathtub is what really makes it spectacular let me just show you outside real fast pick on these East Japanese sandals you can walk out into the Japanese garden here [Music] and then right over over here if you come over to this side of our room we have our own oh they have some different sandals as well but we have our own back outdoor back there’s a washing station over here so you can actually take a whole shower and bath and relax all of that water is so warm okay oh wow that cushion is extremely gushy and they also have some tea prepared for us or can make make some tea all that smells incredible I’m going to hang out drink green tea go to the back transfer from the garden to the back all afternoon long [Music] and then I think somewhere around here oh yeah I think this is the should be the belt [Music] my comfort level has just been taken up to the top level this is this is awesome okay let’s have some tea oh yeah that is fantastic this is just ultimate pristine Japanese style relaxation this is so great I am we’ve only been here for about 15 minutes and I am already fully embracing and fully loving this experience I just felt like I needed to come out here into the Japanese garden to drink this tea this is fantastic it’s so incredibly beautiful here it’s so quiet it’s so peaceful and the air is fresh this is really an ultimate way to unwind I can see how how in Japanese culture you would come to a place like this to really get away to really clear your mind to really spend time with your family and just to to really just completely embrace nature as well [Music] okay and from garden to bath time don’t worry I have my sympathy under here okay all these sandals are incredible oh that is hot to the point where it almost like stings your skin as you first step inside but you know it’s going to feel just incredible with you once you get in there and settled in that is like perfect soaking temperature I don’t think we’re going anywhere this afternoon we’re just going to hang out here for the rest of the afternoon and then one of the reasons that I really really wanted to stay out at ryokan in Japan is for the meals because the meals normally they serve a cakey style meal which is regional and seasonal food all in really beautiful really beautifully decorated and presented and they serve it to you in your room so that’s coming up at 6:30 I cannot wait for dinner I am at an all time state of relaxation right now and I have to be honest with you the room is amazing but the real reason that I wanted to stay out of yoga is to experience the meals and they serve they serve this akasaki style meal which is specialty regional little cuisines and little little dishes oftentimes they serve regional dishes as well as local specialties and also seasonal ingredients using seasonal ingredients so this is this is like a extremely fancy Japanese meal just pretty it’s pretty to look at I think I’ll just go ahead and start with my left hand side way and I think this is some kind of an egg custard but you can see even that decoration this is a tiny piece of cilantro there’s a shrimp in there two little red dots oh that’s like a it’s like a paste maybe it’s not a custard mm-hmm what is that all those little red things are tiny little Tomatoes um I was expecting that to be more of a fish of a an egg custard but that’s more like a like a cream sauce mmm it’s very very smooth like a it’s kind of like mochi but more but not as sticky next up I’ll start with my center console and this is just there are so many components going on on this plate or just like half of it so you can’t realize from time oh well it’s kind of cheesy and then it’s kind of kind of pasty and a little bit sticky hmm it’s really good though it’s so smooth and so sticky like almost like dough mmm that has a very elastic texture to it everything so far has been very light very smooth very delicate and very healthy tasting look at this little guy Oh at all mmm not just bursted with juice in my mouth and because you can eat the whole head in and the whole shell you can really taste the like the strongness of that shrimp it has a real kind of like earthy shrimp taste to it of all the pretty dishes and the pretty decoration on this table nothing caught my attention like this plate of Sashi B it is it is gorgeous and if you can see below here there’s a hole there’s a whole chunk of ice that that is just the sensation that never gets old nothing melts in your mouth like a like a fresh piece of tuna oh you can taste the freshness it’s so pure oh just sensational okay that was sabi one of my nose a little bit next dish is a soup and I think he said that it was a fish fish meatball but then there’s some seaweed in here as well let me just go ahead and pick this up whoa that feels fills rather spongy mm-hmm oh is that crab in the middle the the rapper is definitely fish table but it’s kind of like a like a saturated with soup fish cake it tastes like there’s just like soaked up that broth and then in this dish right here which is perhaps the most fancy of all the dishes it looks like a goblet a whole slices of beef oh yes you just if we just needed one more one more meat for this meal it had to be beef and it is or you can see just nestled below there slices of beef there’s some herbs on top there are actually two different sauces one brown sauce down there and one white cream sauce and then the beef looks just perfectly well look at the marbling [Music] well while all that is so tender all that just melts in your mouth mmm and you can taste the juices from that beef just just flowing and that has a that limp sauce has a miso a little bit of a miso taste all that is some delicious quality beef and it’s served I think this is served kind of more like a salad it’s not hot it’s more like a kind of cold salad cold beef probably one of the more interesting bold dishes that I’ve ever seen in my life I yellow leaf we cook bad it looks like a looks like a banana peel and then he said this is some type of fish and then what looks like ginger and some vegetable on top it’s almost like a snow fish type of texture and flavor and then that’s come salted ginger on top of very mild as I was eating that fish she brought out some more dishes and we actually have this whole this whole menu but it’s all in Japanese so I wasn’t sure exactly the courses that he’s going to bring you brought right this time and another fish like curry dish like pickles and miso soup so if you said this was a type of curry and just look at how beautiful this is I think something about the blue bowl with a brown ingredients and the fish there’s potato in here the fish is they’re all octopus down but down below here to go just go straight in for the fish [Music] when I brought that up to my my mouth I immediately got a got an aroma of cumin but very very light like extremely light and then it’s sour at the same time it tastes like a vinegar base like a vinaigrette it’s kind of like a curry salad Wow well I wouldn’t even know that’s octopus that has zero rubberiness to it at all mmm oh the rice is perfect I think this is miso soup Wow that’s like a darker darker color though than I have ever seen so light not too salty kind of taste like a roasted miso with almost some citrus components to it also we were served a small glass he said this was plum wine oh well that’s incredible well that does taste like plum but it’s like thick like and kind of sweet like a syrup that’s sweet but really really tasty really good all the dinner dishes have been cleared it’s got a refreshment towel and it’s time for dessert and normally I’m not I don’t look forward to dessert that much but this this is just pretty there’s some cherries and a slice of mango on this side and then over here he said this is a plum plum paste but those look like some kind of almost like maybe plum shoots mmm kind of actually just very lightly sweet but then it’s salty and sour at the same time and that is like a like a jelly like a jelly but like that’s half melted that is unique I’ve never had anything like that before mmm all that mango from the looks of it I thought it was almost going to be over rifle but it is not all the texture is silky you tasted artificial mango before it has that kind of like overly strong mango taste this almost has that overly strong mango taste but not artificial tasting at all well it should Russia – what a way to end with that dessert I especially like the mango and that yeah that was that that was a nice refreshing way to end that was most definitely the fanciest and the most decorative meal that maybe I’ve ever had I don’t think I’ve ever used those types of fancy dishes before ever to eat off of I’ve only seen them in shops walking past and like go you walk in those shops and you’re kind of scared to walk past because you might you might bump one of the dishes over and break it and have to pay for it those are the dishes that we just ate off of that was a first for me and the food was the food was delicious very very simple flavors but very beautiful and very fresh and very very healthy tasting as well everything’s being cleared up and then oh we’re about better yes stowed away in this in this closet here the futons that we’re going to sleep on tonight [Music] Wow he did not mess around making our beds he like sprinted back and forth from the from the closet committing our beds and just look at the fluffiness of these blankets wow I have reached a peak of complete satisfaction and relaxation and we’re just going to completely hang out here tonight we’re not going anywhere the only as far as I’m going is to the hot tub and probably just going to hang out there for a while tonight and then go to sleep but I will see you tomorrow morning when breakfast is served where I’m sleeping [Music] good morning we had a couple of good hours of sleep last night I slipped I slept well definitely for a couple of hours Micah Mike I didn’t have the best night but it is a fresh morning the beautiful Japanese gardens are waiting for us and breakfast will be served pretty soon and eating meals here is like it’s really like opening treasure chests there’s all these little dainty little things the decoration is gorgeous there are a lot of bubbling pots and steaming things for breakfast today how about this little little roll up hmm some type of seaweed kind of sweet Oh they make rice with like precision here it’s perfect on that rice is incredible all right let me try that piece of salmon over here tastes kind of like a possibly some kind of a miso rub onto it and time to move on while it’s still piping hot and boiling away that is a shrimp dumpling oh and I’m going to dip it into the soy sauce all that is kept just steaming fresh Oh oh that’s the largest I think that’s all there’s a lot of bamboo shoots in there and maybe some type of mushroom I wish I want to whole point of this next up for the egg and this looks like a nice soft boiled egg so it’s like sauce and then look at that yolk how beautiful is that that needs to be paired with rice maybe I’ll just go ahead and set that onto my rice the yolk oh-ho-ho-ho oh okay oh yeah it’s like that it’s that like that that like like almost doughy texture it’s not runny but it’s still very soft mmm Oh much like butter oh that just coats the rice and such a such a wonderful richness next up for the miso soup all there’s little shells in here – all excellent [Music] well that has that that extra shellfish dimension to it it has a smoky complexity of flavor that’s almost like a like cheese flavor to it actually mmm it’s really good I think those are the main dishes have a variety of pickles and this thing which I have no idea what it is I gotta try this next right whoa well what is up is it not oh no your taste like raw meat it’s really really salty I hope I really do not know what that is at all oh that’s a that’s a pretty intense flavor whoo breakfast was good and definitely had a couple of very unique items that I I don’t know if I’ve ever had before [Music] okay unfortunately we have to check out at 10 a.m. p.m. that’s that’s pretty early for a checkout anyway that’s the way it is it’s been a really amazing experience staying here I love the Japanese accommodation and then having that the private pool has been the private Japanese bath has been awesome the food that was some of the most like fancy elaborate little pig bits of food that maybe I’ve ever I’ve ever seen before and the food was to me it was kind of on the plain side but still I can appreciate the beauty of the food and the quality of ingredients that they use as well as the how they make it look so pretty and so so beautiful and I’ll say they do give you a variety of different dishes which is pretty awesome and the food is really the reason I wanted to stay in a ryokan in the first place ah this was a huge splurge for my wife and I to stay here I think that since this is the most we’ve ever spent on a single night ever but what’s cool is that you get the whole you get the whole package so I mean you could you could stay at a place and not have a private pool but have a public pool but it’s really pretty awesome to have a private pool that you could just come to and then we’ve served with dinner and breakfast ah and we’re just staying here for one night so I’m going to end the video now thank you all very much for watching please remember to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below and if you’re not already subscribed click subscribe now for lots more food and travel videos goodbye from a Japanese style bath hot bath and I’ll see you on the next video