I spent the final days of my South African
adventure in one of Cape Town’s trendiest neighborhoods, Camps Bay. This area is set against the crazy beautiful
Twelve Apostles mountain range and it’s home to Camps Bay Beach, which is one of the
most beautiful beaches I’ve personally been to in my whole life. And it’s right down the street from the
Miami-inspired luxury boutique hotel I booked called South Beach Camps Bay. Alright I am in Camps Bay. And I’m going to check into my new digs. It’s called South Beach. No this is not Miami. This is South Africa you guys. How cute, you can rent bicycles from this
hotel and just kinda go cycling around Camps Bay. I actually like doing bike rides. I might do that later. Welcome to my humble abode in Camps Bay. So we’re going to start out in the kitchen. So this is what I really like about this hotel. I like hotels that have a homey feel to it
and this hotel definitely has a homey feel to it, because it has a refrigerator and look
it can come fully stocked. Hey fruit salad for me.There we go. Bomb. And lots of other stuff. All complimentary, except for the alcohol. Not complimentary. And then of course fruit, because you know,
I’m vegan. I always like a hotel that has fruit for my
vegan tastes. Stuff to cook. Look, got an oven, lots of stuff underneath
here for cooking, because my friends like to cook so this is perfect for you guys. And I really like how big this place is, so
you come in, you got an area over here, you got an area over here to work. What does this say? Misses? I swear we’re not a couple. Don’t deny this lovin! No, no, we’re not on our honeymoon, this is
not this kind of party. And check out this big king bed, because we’re
going to need it. Ah, comfortable. Okay. Now, one of my other favorite parts. Ok you guys always know I love, love, love
a nice bathroom. So, check out the bathroom. And I love a nice, clean, crisp, white bathroom. That’s exactly what this is. Very nice. Nice bathroom. Well, I think I’m going to go join Ms. Jannae
out on the balcony. And that concludes A Travel Lushes Awesome
Room Tour. Shall we drink? Cheers.