It is a small school in a huge industry with a clear focus on one of the niche segments of the industry which is the luxury aspects of hotels and hospitality The school has several partnerships
with luxury hotels, different luxury hotel groups they offer internships in palaces they have a lot of contacts
throughout the world the most important in higher education
is to feel good where you are there is a real family spirit in this school, we are close, in small classes lectures offer constant support it is like a family, it is pretty friendly our school offers studies 100% in English It is very international that is what will allow us later to move in the hotel industry If offers UK diplomas, at the same time it is a French school so it helps you expand your knowledge on both sides you take some of the great aspects of the French hospitality perspective and you include international perspective as well into that so basically you take the best from two worlds and mix it together to actually create some very strong graduates we have five different chefs, five different teachers at the restaurant we are here to teach them the basics and these different chefs each bring their own technique and know-how 3 weeks in the kitchen have taught me a lot, you have to go through all the jobs to be able to manage a whole team we did more than just serve, we were taught cheese, wine so we have operational skills to prepare us for our professional life there are a lot of activities, we are
a lot on the field, it allows us to get to know each other and it is great thanks to our school, we had the chance to spend a week in Reims to really discover
the champagne region visit wine makers like Deutz it is really a week that makes you feel good We have both French and international students in the same school which gives a very good environment of internationalization for my last internship, I was sent to Hong
Kong and I really learned a lot of things during those six months in these international schools, there are people who come from different cultures, different nationalities, and it is very rewarding