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selection of luxury hotels in the Hurghada region of Egypt, an ideal year round destination with some
very colorful locals The Sheraton Soma Bay Resort has a perfect
golden beach setting, but the ancient Egyptian themed outdoor spaces
and beautiful turquoise pools might just tempt you away. From the gleaming marble reception to the
shady palms and pool area overlooking the stunning coastline, the Continental Resort Hurghada will really
make an impression Set on nine islands interspersed with private
beaches, the Sheraton Miramar Resort is the perfect
base for couples or families looking for a luxury desert oasis. Fans of watersports will love The Hilton Hurghada
Plaza, its stretch of private beach plays host to
numerous activities but then so do the extensive landscaped gardens The modern Marriott Hurghada Beach Resort
offers a sensational venue for a sunshine holiday and boasts high standards of service, a vast range of facilities and a focus on
pure relaxation. All these hotels and more can be found at
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