hey guys and welcome to a new vlog it
speed fleet sunny in London and we’ve just headed out because so it’s the bank
holiday weekend and we’re not actually going away anywhere that was planned to
go somewhere but then it sort of didn’t work out in the end so he decided to
stay in London but we didn’t know a bit of a staycation so I thought I would
take you along with me we’ve checked into hotels it’s gonna be really nice so
yeah I hope you enjoy doing a little staycation with me in London it is so
nice today but yeah so let’s get started with this
vlog but before that don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you already
haven’t I played twice a week you guys the weather is so nice in
London it’s like 23 degrees for a change I think the weather’s not that great in
Europe we’re having amazing amazing weather here in London and yet I love my
outfit today I’ll show you it’s like a full whiteout but I’m wearing my son or
on t-shirt and a pair of jeans I’ll show you when we get to the room and yeah I’m
really liking my being probably have like marks here from my sunglasses but
really Coralie look like these eyes ability toriel were very similar I look
this YSL liquid by an old lipstick which I’m loving but yeah I was talking about
this lipstick I’ve been wearing it loads I featured in my last favorites video
because I’m just obsessed with it right now
it’s not as long-lasting use of the liquid lipstick because it is obviously
a glossy but I really like the fact that it is glossy because I’m not a huge fan
of like super matte lipsticks but yeah so I think we’re gonna go have at some
lunch now so it’s about 2 o’clock it just took a bit longer this morning cuz
I had to do some work before we headed out and
I just had to finish a few things and then I had to like pack see things and
do my Maker it has been a very very spontaneous kind of decision but yes so
we’re gonna get some lunch and then we’ll go back to the hotel because at
the room wasn’t ready yet and they gave us a amazing upgrade so I’m excited to
see what its gonna be like saying yeah Hey you guys through finished lunch and I
just popped up about stairs to see the shoes because I really want to be pair
of like black fedora but I’ve just seen these ones from alone
so yeah let’s flip the camera around let me know Mukwonago guys want your questions each of these and I wish this
video is on a screen now so I think I want to get these are actually
comfortable as well the heels really fine I worked pretty comfy hey guys so
we’ve just come for a bit of a walk in the park
we’re in Hyde Park and it’s so beautiful I’m enjoying the Sun so much we did a
little bit of sneaky shopping which I will feature in a whole video very very
soon so stay tuned for that but yeah now I’ve come for a long walk in the park
and then we’re gonna go hey guys so we have just reached the
hotel and I have to show you because the room is stunning as you can see behind
me so I’m going to start from here I’m gonna turn the camera on so you guys can
see properly I think I said series you okay you’ve
got an extra bathroom here and it is at the most
Instagram level bathroom ever I mean I wish I could shoot all my blog posts
here and then here it’s got like a tiny little pod and then a shower here and
this is like your extra bed and then it’s got like a nice big mirror here as
well and then if you go through here you’ve got a lovely sitting room which
is so beautiful and with a nice bright sun shining in and then here you’ve got
like a little desk and then here we have a nice big banging awesome TV which is
gorgeous and then they very kindly left us here some chocolates dipped in sorry
some strawberries dipped in chocolate then there’s a dark a milk and a white
and then they’ve left as a cake there and a bottle of champagne which has been
really lovely of them and then we come through here and this is our bedroom
with a massive bed and another TV here and then we’ve got the little bit of
shopping I didn’t heard there and these two little chairs to sit and have coffee
or breakfast in the morning and then our views are to the back of a hotel so it’s
not too much fun but then if we go through here there is another entrance
to the room and then is the main bathroom which has got a
beautiful shower and then it has here the loo and stuff and here you’ve got
the sink and then there’s another mirror over here and then there are two mirrors
like massive mirrors there with like a bathroom cabinet and a mirror and a
beautiful flower there and yeah it’s got a window so it’s amazing did you make up
I wish I had like filmed my recent I did a recent video of my nighttime cleansing
and skincare routine I wish I had this gorgeous gorgeous bathroom to form but
it could have it would have looked so much better than it did in my house but
anyway guys maybe if the blog grows I can try and do these fun things for you
as well but yeah that’s the room tour and then back here I forgot to show you
you’ve got this beautiful um like two bathrooms which is so stunning and I’m
excited to try the products they look really good as well alright guys I
forgot like here in the sitting room there’s this little door and this has
got like a fully stocked minibar and then it’s got the fridge down there at
the bottom and what do we have here it’s like chocolates and drinks and nuts yeah
but everything looks good so I’m back in the bathroom guys because I wanted to
show you an outfit of the day but unfortunately there’s no full-length
mirror in this room so I’m gonna have to try and do my best with this so I’m
wearing my son around t-shirt and I’ve just folded my sleeves up and then I had
my peachy bag and then these white jeans from Carolina Herrera wanna see my Kings
fan put on his stool or sister you better what I’m wearing on the bottom
it’s not the best thing to do this but I’m standing on a stool and as you can
see on the bottom I’m wearing these white jeans which are kind of
ankle-length and then I’m wearing my Gucci trainers um wearing like a four
wiped out forever I’m really liking the luck I mean let me know what you guys
think but I think it looks really cool so now I think we’re just gonna relax in
the room for a little bit and then we might go and have a drink at the bar
downstairs and maybe get some food we’ve had a pretty late lunch so we’re not
that hungry right now so I think yeah we might chill for a bit maybe try these
goodies they’ve left us in the room and then head to the bar and yet tomorrow
we’re thing to do like a really nice spa day
here sparse really nice I’m hoping to maybe go for a facial and definitely for
a massage I’ve got like really bad back pain I’ve
had loads of work recently abscess has been sitting on my computer for hours
and hours and so um yeah I think it’ll be really nice to go and get a lovely
massage and I look bronzed and glowing I’m really liking my makeup let me know
what you guys think I’m kind of watching myself on the screen right now and a
little bit red now cuz I’ve been in the Sun but it’s like a really glowing kind
of shimmery makeup look let me know what you guys think and like I said I’ve
filmed a tutorial in a very very similar look and I might film myself doing my
makeup kind of live get ready with me while I’m here at the hotel but we’ll
see what if I find somewhere to put my camera because I forgot to bring my
tripod so yeah I think we’re gonna chill now for a bit and I’ll see you guys in a
little bit hey guys good morning it’s a brand new sunny day london i just opened
the curtains that is so nice and sunny and i’m actually blogging from our bed
because otherwise what i happens is I always get up and I start getting busy
with stuff and I completely forget to vlog so I thought this is the best place
to start so that I don’t forget actually last night we have a drink like I said
and then we were so tired we just came back up to the room ordered a little bit
of room service which I completely forgot to vlog and just went to bed
quite early so it is pretty early today it’s about 8 o’clock which is really
weird for us on a holiday like we never actually wake up this early normally on
holiday we like never wake up before 10:00 but we did go to sleep pretty
early we were just watching a little bit of telly and just kind of dozed off but
we had the best room selves we were really full from my lunch because it was
kind of late so we just ordered like a sandwich and a soup and we had like a
broccoli soup but it was okay but then we had this like special I think I
remember what the name is I think it’s like the crock something or the other
but it’s like a special like sandwich that they do you add the dorcester which
is with chicken and then it’s stuffed with truffle and then it has truffle oil
and this like amazing melted french cheese oh my god I have never had such a
good sandwich like it has cheese inside with the chicken but then it has cheese
over the top as well and it was just so indulgent and it had
strong traits taste of truffle and I absolutely love truffles so um so I was
so excited to eat but I completely forgot to vlog it it was super
indulgence as you guys know I like to be healthy and I never tend to go for such
intelligent kind of food but you know I thought I’m on holiday so I can give
myself a treat for once but yeah it was totally worth it so have you ever come
to the Dorchester please please try out the sandwiches from like their special
collection and I think it’s called the actually I’ve got the menu right here
let me just check it is called looking at the wrong one oh it’s the croc Plaza
and it’s inspired by their hotel plaza if you need that they have in Paris
which is absolutely gorgeous so yeah that was super indulgent so now I think
we’re just gonna have some breakfast we’ve ordered some room service so we’re
gonna have some breakfast and I normally have like a super like breakfast you
guys know that in London when I’m at home I only have like just toasted milk
like that’s my breakfast but here I thought I’m gonna have eggs varial which
I absolutely love but yeah so super intelligent but I
think we’ll have a very likely late meal then cuz that for me is kind of I kind
of lunch if I have such a big breakfast so we’ll probably have like a late meal
and then we’re gonna go to the spa and hopefully we’ll try and fit in like a
little walk before or after the spot because the day is gorgeous but I just I
really want to be like makeup free today and just like not really bother with how
I look and just kind of relax and enjoy the day so yeah we’re gonna get some
breakfast and then I will catch up with you in a little bit
I don’t my so we’re gonna head out for a walk now
and I just want to show you my makeup I’m for like really I don’t know how
well you can see on here but it’s like a really really simple makeup look very
bronzy it looks by patching on this light I don’t know why but actually it’s
really like bronzy and very very natural on for a really natural just a bit of
pencil minimal I’m just wearing like a BB cream and a very natural lip and a
little bit of bronzer and yeah but I think it’s turned out quite nice let me
see if you can see it better in this light yeah maybe that’s a bit better and
then for my outfit of the day I’m wearing like these bizarra
trousers they’re the same t-shirt I was wearing yesterday and these are like
tracksuit bottoms hey guys we’ve just popped into clinics
and I just wanted to show you like I see these beautiful earring and we can come
around I think these ways with amazed
my love is one you’re trying to see I love the shade mr. jewelry here they had seasons with
polar bears on me show you my way didn’t want me to change that
meets Barbie enjoy my parade hey guys so I’ve just had my massage and
it’s a bit dark in here I’m trying to stand by the light so relaxing I had a
deep tissue massage and my back actually is pretty like tense back here so it was
pretty lovely sorry but my terrible hair but they
might go head out and take a shower and then probably go so much we’ve just come
to the relaxation lounge here for a second and it’s so lovely I love the
tech quarry things like navy blue it’s so nice and they have like some tea
coffee they give me some coconut water and a biscuit and yeah just nice and
rack sink so I think we’re gonna stay here and then go back to her hey guys so
we’re back in the room and I got this beautiful little bag from the spa they
gave us a little gift that which was really sweet of them
I’m just gonna open it and show you guys what I got so by the way my husband’s
just on the phone in the background they gave us a few little things
Wow so there is um a moisturizing emotion from foam and then we got sorry
I’m being quite clumsy here then we got a rose body wash from MoMA therapy
associates which I absolutely love this brand then we got a lovely aroma therapy
associates bath and shower oil the support and
breed one then I got a nail file which actually I was actually supposed to go
and buy one so I’m super happy I got this one in looks like a really good
quality one as well and then also from Vermont I got the demo structuring
master factor 3 which is Avery sculpting face cream so I’m excited to try that
one out I’ve never tried anything from balm on so and then this other one is
another nourishing face cream this might be a little bit too oily for me so I
might pass this on to my mouth but yeah so that was really nice of them I’m
going to and I think we’re gonna stay in the
hotel for dinner and just chill out a bit here today was meant to be a really
relaxing day and then tomorrow we’re checking out hey guys so we’re back I
just washed my face in this gorgeous bathroom
I’m loving the bathroom it’s a favorite part of the room for me but yeah we had
a lovely dinner it was so delicious I love that pasta
was pasta alla Norma and never had that one piece bought I’ve had quite a veggie
we can’t actually roast this stuff at meetings especially don’t but that pasta
was so good it was like stuffed with ricotta and then had some aubergine and
then some of the cheese is melted and passed over the top was so young but
yeah I think we’re gonna call it a night I’ve just come back to the room washed
my face and I don’t know why it looks like I’ve got really bad darkness
underneath my eyes but actually I think it’s maybe the light because I actually
think that I look pretty fresh right now my um I’ve had quite a good night’s
sleep which I hadn’t had for a while because there was just so much stress
with work and everything but yeah so I’ve just washed my face and all my
skincare and my face is nice and hydrated now so I think we just gotta
chill waterproof telly and then pretty head to bed and tomorrow in the morning
we’re just gonna have breakfast and check out on going back home probably
gonna do a little bit of meal prep and some work for the week ahead because
it’s gonna be a really busy week so I think I’m gonna end this vlog here I
hope you guys enjoyed my little vacation in London and that you enjoyed coming to
the Dorchester with me thank you so so much for watching let me know in the
comments below what else you guys would like to see for me and I will see you in
my next video bye