hey guys just a quick video to say hello from luang Prabang let you check out hotel that am actually staying at the sofitel this is my room behind at the sofitel this is my room here
behind us I’m outside on the patio they’re doing
out here kind of kind of romantic if you were here with someone special otherwise it’s just a chill place
they’ve got a nice little couch out here for you to relax on so get ready because that is not the only tub at this
place so when you are back inside one of the first things you see is the the
indoor tub here they gotta separated by a glass and the other side of bathroom or shower
shower their teacher for shower has quite a nice shower pretty cool looking
bed over here with a nice sized desk in in the corner this is this is definitely
one of the nicer hotels I have stayed in and Southeast Asia yeah there you can see the desk
to tried to come in and shoot us right away before I jumped up the room too
much so there’s a little bit of a catch I here you wanna do any lounging around
and this the actual outside entrance and here is a little mini bar here or snacks that you can
purchase a bottle of wine to kind of to do some space for your shoes and they
here and the mini fridge is also pretty stack of stuff that you could eat now and
pay for a later if you wanna so almost done ohh ! you got some they put some fresh fruit in here first i thought these are fake but these are
actually real i think i gonna bite into these now ohh ! i love that a pear its awesome so you come in and you have bathroom is here you seen bathrom towels and the scale on the floor here there is a toilet room here not much to that and then also inside you got room for or freaking wardrobe in here if you brought all that stuff with you you need to do early at Travel travel pretty light and for the
most part in have to prepare for this trip so just you guys can see there is safe in
the room fire extinguisher another emergency tool a hairdryer inside one of
each or so beautiful room I’m pretty impressed by the service so far at the
Sofitel they did a good job of welcome welcoming us and then bringing us in
kind of in groups in pretty small groups so that gave the staff a chance to
explain about the premises a little bit I’ll probably be trying to shoot some
other videos were also talk a little bit more about the history there is an
interesting history to this hotel and what the province’s you still be for an
ancient days now is completely we completely different I hope to talk
about that later video so stay tuned thanks for watching for now see you guys looking for me you can find me in a tub one of them