I’ve noticed how people like being in lobbies. There’s something about hotel lobbies
that give people the sense of elevated feeling. The Great Room is a hospitality-centric
co-working space. When we design it, we work with hospitality designers that have designed wonderful F&B outlets and hotels, who know how to create wonderful lighting,
special customized furniture. When you walk into The Great Room,
you can see the club area. This club area has a lot of informal spaces
that allow little clusters of meeting, which is great for first impressions,
great for building rapport. We have a wonderful Monday Breakfast Club,
which really brings together people. There is a Turn Down cart that comes with very warm, yummy chocolate chip cookies, and a hot chocolate. So if you’re staying late, at least you feel,
“Oh, I have something to pick me up.” There are a lot of high-value businesses
that are done not behind the work station, but in a much more social and warm setting. So when you are in a lobby, business deals get done, they feel like they are going to meet someone special, so we started dissecting and think what is it about hotel lobbies that creates this high energy buzz, good feeling, help people build rapport. And we brought it into the co-working context. It’s very nice when entrepreneurs or business owners, when they come in and tell me that what they feel, I know that I’ve succeeded
in delivering this vision that I had.