Baxter the dog is being chauffeur driven for a day at America’s most luxurious dog hotel. Hi Baxter, come on! Hi I’m Alissa Cruz, and I’m the owner of D Pets Hotels Hollywood. Celebrities, film directors and other wealthy dog-owners pay up to $220 a night for the
luxurious services. They drop their pets off for a day of pampering, while they are hard at work or away for a
few days on vacation. D Pets Hotels is amazing for the fact that we offer every service that an owner could
possibly ever want for their doggy. We want to make it a seamless home environment. First it’s time to catch up on the gossip. And then some ‘me time’ with a relaxing massage after a long day of play. So one of the things we like to do is also a massage, so we focus on the areas that cause
them the most distress and of course they love it. Baxter that feels good doesn’t it? Now it’s time to check out the suite. And for our most distinguished dogs, we offer the uber suite. Of course we have our hugeflat screen TV’s where they can watch dinner and a movie. The most unique part of course
is our proper queen sized bed. Now time for a spot of room service. Baxter, who’s hungry? Who’s hungry? Finally, after lunch, it’s time for Baxter to take an afternoon nap, before owner Tiffany
arrives. I love bringing Baxter here to D Pets because you just see all the dogs inside the park,
they’re always playing, having fun, just having a blast. D Pet Hotels has definitely set the bar of being the ultimate luxury doggy brand. After a long day of pampering, Baxter is off home, in style of course…