Hey guys! Tessa here with another budget
travel video. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I
recently went to South Africa with my husband for a luxury vacation. Matt and I
stayed in a literal mansion in Cape Town and two extravagant lodges in Kruger.
While I admit that budgeting while staying in these luxury hotels sounds
counterintuitive, I want to pass on these tips that will help you save money while
also living in absolute luxury. First, don’t let the luxury setting sway your
mindset. I admit that when we first touched down
in South Africa and arrived at 21 Nettleton in Cape Town, I got completely
swept away. It’s hard not to when you’re staying in such a gorgeous setting and
waking up to this view. Immediately, the hotel staff started recommending all
these amazing places we could try for dinner and that they could make
reservations for us. I got to swept away and even started planning outfits in my
head. I pulled up their websites and started looking at menus and the prices,
thankfully, brought me back down to earth. The best way to combat this mindset is
to acknowledge that it’s probably going to happen once you get there. You’re
gonna walk into these hotels and be swept up in the beauty and start
thinking about all these fancy places you can go. This brings me to point
number two: budget the rest of the trip before you go. Just because you’re
staying in pure luxury, doesn’t mean that every other aspect of your trip has to
be luxury as well. Decide how much you want to spend on food and tours,
excursions, whatever, before you go and then stick to that budget. Our first
night, we said no to the fancy dinners and instead we went to Nando’s – yes,
seriously Nando’s and we got takeout brought it back to the hotel and sat in
front of our fireplace in our fancy room and ain’t Nando’s out of the bag on the
floor. Honestly, it’s probably one of my favorite travel memories. We also rented
a car and explored at our own leisure instead of booking pricey tours. Three:
realize there’s probably tons of experiences you won’t have if you don’t stay at these fancy hotels. So when you’re in those experiences, really savor them and of
course don’t skip out on them. Breakfast will probably be included and it’ll
probably be luxurious so make sure you don’t book an activity or tour so you
miss out on it. And realize that while you’re spending a lot of money on the
hotel, it will also save you money on the road. South Africa was great because
after lodges most meals and game drives were included as well. And then there’s
also the little things that I never could have dreamed of
like walking to my room and seeing an animal along the way or sitting
eating lunch while a herd of elephant drink from the river. These experiences
you can try to replicate if you’re traveling to budget hotels, but
sometimes it’s near impossible to do so really really soak them all up. And my
last piece of advice when you’re traveling on a budget to these luxurious
hotels is push out of your mind a thought it’s definitely gonna creep in
of is this place worth this amount of money. You’re gonna start thinking it
it’s only human nature. But this is an experience you should enjoy. Really soak
it all in. Take a mental image and take a couple pictures as well. You’re gonna
want to remember this. Make sure you check out the article below for even
more tips on how to save money while you’re traveling on your destination.
I’ll see you guys next time bye