– All right. Check it out guys this Trevor James, hanging out with my wife Ting
– Hey. We are on the west coast
of Vancouver Island at one of the most iconic
hotels in Canada here at Chesterman beach at
the Wickaninnish Inn. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And today we’re gonna be bringing you for a full on room tour. We’re gonna be having brunch and this is our new
channel The Hotel Ranger. (chuckling) And this is just so beautiful we are on the far west
coast of Vancouver Island. There’s nothing in
between us here and Japan. Are you having fun, Ting? – Yeah. – It’s a beautiful area. There’s whales, there’s otters and bears and sea lions all out in the ocean here. You can go for bear watching and you can do all of these beautiful fun activities in the Tofino. We gonna go in the Wickaninnish
Inn and have a brunch and we’re gonna give you
a big tour of our room it’s one of most beautiful
rooms you can ever stay in, but first take a look
at this drone footage just gorgeous here. (upbeat music) And here it is guys look
at this gorgeous view. You can see it outside on these
chairs right on the beach. So beautiful here. Look at this. We can’t beat this fresh air. All of this vegetation makes
the air so full of oxygen that when you arrive
you just feel so fresh. What do you think Ting? – It’s cool. – [Trevor] It’s beautiful isn’t it? – Yeah. – [Trevor] Thank you. Thank you. – [Doorman] Have a good one. – You too. Wow! Here we go, we’re going to
The Pointe restaurant now. So beautiful. Thank you very much. – My pleasure to serve you. – Wow this is amazing. Look at that view. – [Waiter] Very incredible isn’t it? – [Trevor] It’s gorgeous. – [Waiter] We have high
tide coming in right now, so see a lot of waves crashing on the rocks in front of your view. – [Trevor] Wow! – We had two whales out
there the other day. – [Trevor] Really. – Yeah we had, we actually got a couple of binoculars out and we’re all standing
by the windows all giddy. – [Trevor] That’s juice. Beautiful. – Would you like some as well. – Sure, thank you. – Fresh berry juice. – [Trevor] Fresh berry? – Fresh berries, yes. – [Trevor] And ginger and apple. – Yes. – [Trevor] Awesome. We got West Coast clam chowder. Hand peeled Shrimp, local
fish, celery, root and bacon. Tofino fish and chips. So all of this food is local West Coast. So this is the juice of the day local berry, ginger and apple. You liked it Ting? – Yeah. – That is fresh. You can definitely taste
the ginger in that. – Burger platter for you? – Thanks. – [Trevor] Beautiful. – Sauted mushrooms and onions as well as house smoked bacon. – [Trevor] Thank you. I’ve been there for me
but our creole salsa as well as the front runner. – Oh! Wow! – Crispy tomato skins on the top there as well as compound butter. – [Trevor] Gorgeous. That is just gorgeous. Look at that. We got fried polenta with a creole salsa and pickled tomatoes. And look at Ting’s. That’s a giant burger. A brunch burger. Start your day off strong. (laughing) – yeah. – [Trevor] Look at that Ting, what you got in there? Cheese, pickle, bacon.
– Bacon. – Onions. – [Trevor] It’s giant. Just cut it into half. That’s just (great) that’s just so plum. Look at that and there’s
so much juice in there. Wow, look at that. How’s that? Really good. – That’s good. – And there it is guys the
beautiful shrimp and eggs with polenta and a creole salsa. Look at all the eggs. Wow, Wow! And you can really smell dill on their. Oh! Wow! That is unbelievably delicious. Tastes like taste slightly cheesy with a herbal slight
herbal kick like dill. Wow! That’s awesome. These eggs are almost
cheesy, creamy full of light, light herbs like dill with a
slight shrimp flavor in there. Those are some of the best eggs
I’ve ever eaten right there. That was just fantastic. And look at this view guys. It’s one of the most beautiful
places in the world here. You can surf here, the waves are a little small today, but when they’re bigger there’s
a lot of surfers in here. One of the best places
to surf in Canada here. And we’re gonna keep walking around and show you guys more
of this awesome hotel. This is the bar area
where you can hang out and have your drinks. It’s just one of the
most beautiful hotels. Now we’re going to. Help You guys Get ready for one of
the most beautiful rooms you’ll ever witness. So we booked on the third floor which has the best views of
the sound of the whole Bay Area out looking over the Pacific Ocean. It’s absolutely gorgeous. One of the most amazing rooms
you’ll ever ever set foot in. You guys gotta see this. This is just next level. Take a look. Oh! Oh! Oh! Unreal. Turn the lights on. So this is it we’re here guys. And I wanna show you one of the most amazing
rooms in the world. Look at this. We’ve got a super comfy
king sized bed here. This is all local wood. The room is super spacious. We’ve got a huge desk, I have been doing my
work here on this desk. Super comfy nice soft carpet. And check this out. Look at this view. Wow! (laughing) Wow! Look at that. This is worth it all. This is worth flying in for. Look at that. And you can just chill out
on these chairs read a book. Look at the view and you can just relax, breathe the fresh Pacific Air. There’s nothing in
between us here and Japan, is just open water all the way. And in the winter there’s big storms. And the best part is just
grabbing these binoculars and looking at the view, watching those big waves come crashing in. You can see eagles and bears and whales and sea otters and so much wildlife here on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It’s violent. There’s so much raw nature here. The waves crashing in, the cool breeze coming in and the best part is just chilling out, sitting down, grabbing the binoculars and enjoying the view. Pretty cool. Unreal. And here’s the bathroom, take a look at this huge
huge soaker tap here. We’ve got candles and matches and a nice comfortable shower with hot water, really hot, super refreshing. Double sink, nice big mirror and all wood walls and local art. Look at this, look at this. You got a closet with rain gear because in the winter here it rains a lot. Supplied rain gear. You got a safe which you won’t need. Beach towels and blankets which
you can use any time of day, but for us, it’s we’ve been having a lot
of fun going out at night and building a campfire on the beach. The blankets keep you warm and the beach towels keep it comfy and the hard stone floor
is also really nice, it’s heated, so it’s gonna keep your
feet warm and comfortable and you can actually see the view of that amazing scenery from your bath. So you can be chilling here in your bath and look at the view, that is just amazing. It’s just like a dream
world on these beaches here. You can just, you can ride your bike and Ting and I are just gonna
make a campfire on the beach. So nice here. And we’re just looking for
a spot to make a campfire. And isn’t this just beautiful. Look at this guys, we got the full fire going. It’s really going well now
and the light is so perfect. The sun is gonna be
setting in the next hour and that is just the iconic Tofino experience. And I hope you guys love this first episode of The Hotel Ranger. Beautiful place here in Tofino. Make sure to click that subscribe, little bell notification button as well and leave us a comment down below. cause it’s our first episode and we would love to hear from you. Thanks so much guys.