(mellow music) Hi, I’m Sarah, and today we are making Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar. With the compounder, Pinch. Shampoo bars are solid, naked alternatives to traditional, liquid shampoo. Just one bar is equivalent to about 80 washes of shampoo. Which is about how much you get from 3 medium bottles of shampoo. So the very first thing that Pinch is going to do Is she is going to combine her argan oil and her color solution with her fragrance. In this we have sicillian lemon oil, rose oil, rose absolute, and geranium oil. It smells like Rose Jam. Pinch is now going to take her liquids and combine it with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and mix it up. Pinch is going to add her Agar Agar Powder, Which is derived from seaweed and is really nutritious and full of minerals So you want to get that right on the hair. Pinch is now going to add her glycerin, while the mixer is on, And this is magically going to change the color of the shampoo bar. Now it’s off to pressing. Our production assistants are going to gather the mixture in their hands, And put it on the presser. And the presser is going to condense it into a puck, And that’s going to hold it together nicely so you get lots of uses out of your shampoo bar. And that’s how we make Jason and the Argan Oil. Thanks for watching. To see more “How It’s Made” videos, click over here. And to stay up to date with any new videos we post, you can click over here. And for comments, leave those down below and tell us what else you want to see.