This installation video will walk you through the step-by-step process of installing your Lumen 48″ or 60″ LED tailgate light bar. The Lumen tailgate light bar kit includes a tailgate light bar with built-in 4-pin trailer harness, reverse light harness, and an additional 4-pin trailer harness for hard wiring applications. The tools required for this installation will be: a test light, wire connector crimping tool, wire taps, crimp terminals, electrical tape, and a wire stripper. The Lumen LED tailgate light bar can be connected to your vehicle’s electrical system by simply plugging in the 4-pin connector to your factory trailer harness. If your vehicle is equipped with a 7-pin connector, you will need to purchase a 7-pin to 4-pin adapter to successfully connect the light bar to the truck. To begin the installation clean the contact surface thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and a clean rag to remove all oil and debris. Peel away a portion of the protective backing from the adhesive tape and position the tailgate light bar in position. Stick one side of the light bar to the bed, and slowly adhere the bar in sections by applying firm pressure and peeling the protective backing gradually down the bar. If you choose to hardwire the light bar to your vehicle’s electrical system, connect the 4-pin supplied harness and cut it to the appropriate length. Connect your test light to a known good ground and probe the factory wiring to identify the correct brake, running light, and turn signal wires. Run the tailgate light bar harness between the rear bumper and the bed. Once under the bed, cut away the wire loom and electrical tape the gain access to the factory trailer wiring. Using wire tap connectors, connect the wiring harness from the tail gate light bar to the factory harness. Connect the white wire to ground, brown wire – to the running light, yellow – to the left turn signal, and green wire – to the right turn signal. Cut the reverse light wire to the appropriate length. And using a test light, probe your vehicle’s tail light harness to locate the reverse light wire, then connect the reverse light wire to the factory harness, using a wiretap connector. Ensure all the wiring is secure and away from any moving parts.