Hi I am Dominik GlobalTraveler.TV. I’m here at Frankfurt Airport (FRA). in Terminal 1B between gate 43 and 44, and here is the Lufthansa Business Lounge What offers you the lounge I’ll show you after the intro. The selection of beverages is relatively good it ranges from tea to coffee, with a fully automatic as you can see here. Sufficient Water with and without gas next biscuits. A one cup coffee machine from WMF The selection of food is sparse, I know from another business lounges significantly better. Pasta with Bolognese sauce. could not be recommended. Not much more I can show about the Lufthansa Business Lounge here at Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1B gate 43/44 Because it is no longer desirable that we film on. I was just politely asked now quit filming. because obviously the offer of Lufthansa not what you expect from yourself up. Too bad, because other lounges at airports, for example Istanbul is much more open and they like to show what they have. The charge should you have to pay him, not worth it for this lounge. Let it be better in this lounge. At this point, thank you watch our videos! Look please in our channel, many more videos! On our website GlobalTraveler.TV you can find more informations. Please Thumbs Up to subscribe to our channel to support for more videos! Thanks for watching, see you next video!