(gentle music) – Hello, I’m Sabrina, and
let’s talk about being a member of the LRA, because
it’s more than just membership. It’s about making your
restaurant profitable. Here are the perks. Partnerships: Being a
member of the LRA means you’re also a member of the
National Restaurant Association, which addresses issues that impact the restaurant industry
across the country. There are also opportunities
to save on credit card and payroll processing through Heartland, music licensing discounts with BMI, supplies from Office Depot, and more. Protection: You can participate in the LRA Self Insurer’s Fund
for Workers’ Compensation. Learn about our competitive
rates, in-house claims handling, complimentary safety services,
and potential for dividends. Training: The LRA is the largest provider of mandated training, such
as food safety and sanitation and alcohol server. We even offer allergens training. Recruitment: Get help with
finding qualified employees. Members get discounts on job listings at louisianahospitalityjobs.com. The only hospitality-specific
job site in the state. Access: Members receive
complimentary passes to the Louisiana Foodservice
and Hospitality Expo. Held every August in New Orleans, this is the largest foodservice trade show in the Gulf South. More than 400 companies
attend this three day show and showcase products and services to help you run your business more efficiently and profitably. But the real power of membership is that the LRA advocates on your behalf to make sure our industry is protected at the state and local levels. To learn more about becoming a member, call 504-454-2277, or visit the LRA website at www.lra.org. (gentle music)