I came here originally and I got to see
actually volunteer a little bit across the way I was folding clothes, so I got to
see the guests that were here and the beautiful work the accomplishments what
everyone has done what The INN means to this community and that’s we’re about, a
community. So we had the honor of helping the volunteers or creating a space for
the very special people who help the guests that come here and that was our
goal to not only love where you live but to love will you volunteer. To create that
special feeling and to just give them that extra lift so they can continue
helping the people in the community. I feel very good about that.
We’re such a family at Lowe’s so it was great for us for our family to come here
and help the family at The INN. Again community is all about family coming
together. They say the word that YOU are the U and UNITY if there is no you
there’s no community so that’s what it was all about it’s bringing everybody
together doing what we love helping people love what they volunteer where
they work where they live and just being a part of it and that was it was great
on all aspects of all realms everybody just coming together. When Lowe’s came in to complete the
volunteer lounge a lot of the volunteers came in saying different noise like ooooh, ahhh
am I in the right room maybe this isn’t the right soup kitchen. A lot of
the boxes came in with the hands over their faces. Our volunteers they give so
much to our guests… they cut bread they butter bread they’re
sweating while they’re inside of a hot kitchen cooking up the meals and they do
this for a good 4 hours straight 5 hours straight. The lounge to our volunteers is
a place to come to actually sit down and actually relax and recharge before they
go back out and start giving of themselves
so by Lowe’s coming in and actually doing the lounge remodeling the lounge it
gives our volunteers a little place to go that’s quiet, clean so they can
recharge and go back and give again.