Hi everybody, this is Nana of Love Your Body channel This time I will do the try-on haul of the popular brand which already has a lot of try-on haul videos on Youtube, LOUNGE LOUNGE brand was launched in 2016 by a young couple in a small living room The motto of the brand is “Comfort made sexy” Items which you can wear everyday but which doesn’t give up on the style This is what is written about the brand I am sympathize with this idea The lingeria should be comfortable but if is also sexy It’s really great Shall we check out if is indeed sexy and comfortable in the same time? The package is so pretty Actually this present package you can get it if you give a small amount of extra money First item (what’s this?) It’s another one too? Firs item (the package’s quality was quite high) DO you remember when I did the try-on of SKIMS? There was the scoop neck bra This is similar design with the SKIMS scoop neck bra which I love This bra And the panties Kaki color Both of them have a white trim line It looks quite sporty Essential is the describing word It means like you can even forget you are actually wearing something, that how comfortable it is The material On the strap the logo is embossed You can adjust the strap The price was 37$ The size of items are XS Shall we try it on and see how comfortable actually is? The second item is triangular bra and brief set The price was 50$ The color is blue The color is blue but it look white, a really light blue Actually this design is the LOUNGE representative design If you look on the bottom trim you can see it has LOUNGE logo This design is the representative LOUNGE design bra Stylish and sexy feeling as well as comfortable amazing item Comfortable material I will try it on Unfortunetily this is the last item A design which is really different than the original LOUNGE design Lace balcony bra and thong set The color is mint The material is the same with the first item essential 90% polyamide and 10% spandex This is the first LOUNGE item which has under wire The set price was 65$ The size is XS The balcony bra can be called balconette bra as well It’s not full cover but it’s comfortable for the breasts It’s time for Nana’s review point I will score the LOUNGE 3 item sets This one I am wearing now, the mint color was my favorite The first one design 16 points The design I couldn’t feel like wow I really love the design The bras with the bend The LOUNGE representative design I don’t think is really my style I couldn’t say this is a really pretty design So 16 points for the design The functionality I gave it 15 points It wasn’t that good nor bad LOUNGE motto feeling like you are not actually wearing anything feeling I think is true You can move really comfortable This mint bra I am wearing right now Is quite comfortable as well So I gave 15 points for functionality The quality 10 points I gave it a low score The quality is not that good As I could actually move comfortable was true but the material, was the feeling of a cotton sport bra (really doesn’t know expression) The quality Last one the price 9 points It’s a low score Comparing with the quality and design Paying this price for it And willing to wear, I couldn’t get that feeling So I gave it only 9 points The LOUNGE total score 50 points (design, functionality, price ) out of 100 only 50 points It’s not like I think about the brand this low Just what I tried today (hesitating) 50 points ~ This is my personal opinion (I am sorry) (Applause) Did you enjoyed watching Nana’s LOUNGE try-on haul? Those who didn’t subscribed yet please subscribe and like my video See you till I will try on the whole brand lingeries in the world Bye Oh