Hey whats up Kstars it is your girl Kristyn Alexis and in
today’s video we are trying Lounge underwear so you guys know February 14th
or Valentine’s Day is coming up at the time of recording this video not to say
that these pieces are not perfect for all year round but I just want to take
note of that because I know a lot of you are probably getting ready for the
holiday so I’ve got some pieces here that I feel like are very appropriate
for Valentine’s Day as well as are going to get you right for lounging around
with your boo (laughing) these are also great for other things besides that but I just
feel like they definitely are perfect for when you’re just chilling but you
want to be cute at the same time with that being said let me first show you
the packaging that these pieces come in it’s a really cute packaging and I’m
just feeling the overall presentation of the brand I once you really quickly
though before we get into the video make a really quick disclaimer I have never
purchased from this company before as I mentioned to a lot of you on my last
live I want to be very very careful about endorsing companies that I haven’t
purchased from and don’t have personal experience from myself so I just want to
really quickly spike that out I have never purchased from them so I can’t
really speak to the actual shipping or customer service if you have any
questions around that you may want to ask someone who has had that experience
because I unfortunately have not but today I’m going to tell you about the
pieces what they’re looking like which part of their website they’re from and
just my overall initial first thoughts on the brand so with that being said I
have a couple pieces I want to show you guys I’m really really feeling how they
look and I think we should start off with this lace set here so it’s funny my
fiancee when he saw this box come and he saw these pieces he was like you got to
let me know when you do that haul and it’s because these pieces are absolutely
beautiful most guys are really really into the look and the look of your
undergarments and I know my fiance is definitely one of those guys he loves
when I have really nice cute you know undergarments
and this is again this is the top and it’s just really cute like this this
piece is very very feminine dainty and it’s comfortable like these are
comfortable pieces but they also still are very sexy at the same time so this
is from their lace collection as they say it makes lace comfortable and I just
feel like this is a very very attractive set so definitely definitely I’m feeling
this I also got a piece that I feel like or a set that I feel like it’s perfect
for Valentine’s Day that I want to show you guys and this set let me just get
the name I’m actually gonna cheat really quickly this set is called the silk
balcony set and this comes in five colors pink garlic khaki black and then
I have a red that I’m gonna be showing you guys today
this one launched January 14th which was just in time for Valentine’s Day and
this is the top here very very cute top and it just it’s a sexy sexy bra like
this is perfect for your Valentine’s Day with your significant other I feel like
my fiance is going to love it when he sees it his self and I want to also show
you the bottoms that go with this particular set these are the bottoms and
you guys these are really really cute very very sexy and then this is the back
just a perfect perfect set like this looks really good so the next set this
is the triangle set and it’s basically got the triangle bra and then it also
has the thong that goes with it very very sexy but very cute at the same time
these are actually in a size large so this underwear is has a size large and
the top that I have this was a this isn’t a size extra large if you’re
curious so if you need a little bit of help with my sizing I am 36 double D at
the top and then my waist is 30 inches and then my hips are 43 inches if that
helps you with ordering I also got some other pieces that I’ve really really
excited to get and to add to my wardrobe one of them is this pant set here and
this is so cute it says lounge on the it elastic waist and then they also have
this top that goes with it let me show you the top very cute
so if this I honestly really really am feeling and I could see myself just like
like this could be something you throw on when you are getting home from work
and you just want to be really comfortable just be like really chill
like I could for sure see myself rocking this in that fashion this set is called
the reborn high waist legging set and it is $65 for the whole set I ordered my
top in a size extra-large love it and then I have my bottoms in a size large I
needed extra large because as I mentioned I’m a 36 double D at the top
and I need to make sure it looks really good and then for my bottoms a large
usually works pretty well for me too so this for sure can be like a chill like
when you’re just hanging out you could even throw like a really huge jacket
with this and some cute shoes and run out the house so I’m feeling this I like
it a lot I even could see this being something you could work out and if
you’re doing like a light workout or doing like some yoga or something like
that I probably wouldn’t do anything too crazy in that but I feel like you could
definitely do some light working out in that particular set the next set this is
a mesh panel underwear set and this is the thong that comes with it and then I
also have a top that comes with it and this is again a very very sexy but
comfortable set like they almost look like you’re trying not to be super sexy
but they’re very sexy at the same time this one is in I believe a size
extra-large as well and let me just confirm that it’s actually I have a
large in the top and it looks good like I cannot wait to wear it and I feel like
this color is gonna go really nicely with my complexion too so I am looking
forward to rocking this and having this in my wardrobe but I for sure and loving
all of the pieces that I got really quickly I don’t know if I set the price
for this one but the price for this set is $50 I want to really quickly just run
through the pricing for you guys cuz I don’t think I said the price for all of
the pieces for the triangle set which I showed you a moment ago that was in
white the triangle set is $50 and this one comes in 10 colors I also have
showed you this nice lace set and the lace that has five colors and I believed
a price point for this one is also $50 but it looks like it’s not listed here
and then the red set that we have that I showed you as well which I mentioned
is perfect for Valentine’s Day this set goes for $65 and then I did mention that
the high waisted leggings set goes for $65 so I wanted to make sure I spiked
that out for you guys however I do have a coupon code if you want to take
advantage of a discount off of their pieces and my coupon code is Kristyn10
so be sure to take advantage of that and put that in before you check out so you
can take a discount off of your purchase they also have three sections on their
website they have their lounge apparel their lounge underwear and their lounge
intimate so be sure to go check all three of those sections out the pieces
here are not from all three so go ahead and make sure you check them all out so
you don’t miss anything else that’s really dope on their website they have
again they have a lot of really great pieces I was very impressed by the
website and by the offerings that they have and I just felt like everything was
so cute and I was like I want to have everything that they have on their
website so check it out and be sure to see what you think for yourself if you
wanted to get some pieces for your significant other they do have a gift
wrapping service on their website that service is seven dollars and you can
take advantage of that before you check out so be sure to check in to that
before you check out if you are gonna be getting this and gifting it to someone
else I know I mentioned my sizes too if you’re looking for some help or
assistance of picking the proper size be sure to also reference their size chart
on the website so you can make sure you get the right size on your first try and
also check the description box for a link to their website where you can go
and check all these pieces out as well as some other pieces on their site but
with that I’m gonna go ahead and get up out of here so let me know in the
comments section if you have tried this company before if you have any feedback
as well as what your favorite piece is from this haul and if you’re gonna be
trying them out for yourself but with that thank you guys so much for watching
this video I really appreciate you as always and I will see you in
next upload… bye.