You can’t repeat the past the past Stayin in the sky Let’s take it spinning me Your mama’s very Or what did she do what did she tell me she told you Should I take you shoot Only shoot a telephone Should I take you Only shoot at channel phone There’s no excuse that she would understand It so baby when I teach you Don’t you know that between my age She’s probably wondering why Willie Should I give you Or should I telephone The shooter dingy hole should Take you To shoot at ten in good Oh Oh yeah Something No wait Wait oh wait Good It’s just the matter They’re gonna be sound The particle dance until II can’t pick the boss invented the particle Well I see you lover me a little more singing back to the particle nothing coming home baby and coming You remember how it was when it all came to an. End? There was nothing not to do Oh musical edition Maybe Hey Lead me from the dance floor And lead me to the best efficient Yeah Yeah baby Oh yes, oh yeah give it to me Give it to me You