– Tonight, we
investigate a family-run Italian restaurant in Liverpool, which the owners claim
has been the centre of unusual paranormal activity. – [Announcer] Coming
up on Ghost Dimension. – Oh, in the back. That was clearly in the back. Like somebody was rattling
something in here. – That sound. Footsteps. I can hear footsteps. Did they move? – No, but heard a thunk. – [Whisper] Ghost Dimension – Hello and welcome. This is Ghost Dimension. Join us as we investigate
One Melling Road. (unearthly music) Situated next to an ancient
race course in Liverpool, the business has seen many
visitors pass through its doors. Liverpool itself has so much
history throughout its years. People have always flocked to
its destination to witness it, and without doubt,
it’s most famous for being the home
of the Beatles. So many people with
so many connexions from around the world, passing
through this grand city, I am in no doubt this
would’ve increased its paranormal activity in and
around its historic buildings. Items in the restaurant
have seemingly been moved or hidden from the
place they were stored. Eerie footsteps can be heard
when the building is closed, and all of the customers
have gone home. (footsteps) The location also has a regular
psychic medium visiting, to bring messages
from the spirit world directly to the diners
of One Melling Road. Have some of the lost loves
that visited here returned? Or did they never leave? We now meet the owners
of One Melling Road, Karen and Neil, to
hear what paranormal activity they’ve experienced. One Melling Road, how long
have you owned the business? – Well, the business
as it stands now, we’ve run for about four years, but we’ve actually been here
for about eight altogether. The building was empty
for about eight years before we bought it,
and then we spent, well, it was about a year
after we bought it before we started any work. We developed it for, it
took us about twelve months, and then ran it as a function
room for about two years. That didn’t really
pick up for us, just due to the location
I think, really. And then we ran the
restaurant since then. So we’ve had it
now for four years, we’re into our fifth year. So it’s been a
lot better for us, in terms of customer
interaction. – Yeah. – And a lot more people come through the door
now, which is great. – And you hold psychic
events here, as well? Psychic nights? – Yeah, we’ve had a psychic
come in, psychic nights, Donna Robinson, she’s
been down about, what, three events now from here. Which has been great, you know, it brings lots of people down, because they like to follow her, and it’s generally
a successful night. – Psychics always intrigue me, when they come into a building, because they bring in
a spiritual energy. So that when they read into
the people that are here, for example, that’ll bring in
the energy of their loved ones that are here, which
is always interesting, because sometimes those
energies don’t leave, or stay, and maybe they’re stuck here
waiting for the next person. – Well if that’s the case,
we’ve had a lot of visitors from, you know, the other side. She didn’t pick up anything
particular here all the time, but when she walked
around the house, she did pick up
paranormal activity, or spiritual activity
in our kitchen area, and up at the top of
the building as well. – Do you yourself feel
anything down here, when you’re on your own, or when you’re opening up
or closing down? – Well, obviously if
you’re closing down, you’re always a bit
wary of, especially, when you turn the lights down
and then your walking out. Because it’s such
an empty building, and there’s no one
in it, it’s so vast. – You get that funny feeling,
but you wouldn’t know whether that is spirits or
just your own imagination. But you definitely
do feel something. – You can’t pinpoint. – You just can’t put
your finger on it, yeah. – [Bex] What was it that the medium sensed
in the kitchen? And would we experience
this tonight? – Things go missing
from the office. – That has happened
quite a few times. – Banging upstairs, when
you hear what sounds like a door slamming,
but I’ve gone up and all the doors
have been opened. – Well, as Neil just said,
there was a huge bang upstairs, that sounds like a
door being slammed. And when we went up
to see what it was, all the doors were wide open. – So we’ve gone live
on Facebook tonight, and on social media
platforms, like Twitter. We’re asking the
viewers to get involved, and help us pick out what
equipment you’d like us to use, and also send me
questions for the medium. – Yes. – So, Paul what have we got? – Some of the old faithfuls. We’ve got a shadow
detector here, a parascope, which measures
static electricity, the REMs, good old
gauss metre, EMF metre, the Ovilus PX, with
built in word data bank. We’ve got the SB7 Spirit
Box, the Ovilus 3, which I absolutely love,
digital dictaphone, something that you cannot
get ahold of nowadays, and that’s the original
eBoTrade, and I would say that’s probably one
of the best tools that you can get to
detect paranormal stuff. And the SLS camera
structure by itself, which gives you
the stick figure, and that’s mobile rather than having it go through
the connector. So we’ve got a bit of
everything to cover just about anything
that’s going. – Brilliant. – So we’ll get those
items used tonight that the viewers have
picked, and we’ll also ask questions to the medium
that the viewers have sent in. – So it’s your chance
to get involved. Who or what could be
haunting One Melling Road? Let’s join tonight’s
psychic medium and find out. Tina, welcome to
Ghost Dimension. Now, you’re a
clairvoyant medium. – [Tina] That’s right. – How long have you
been practising for? – I have been practising
my spiritualism, or spiritual side, for
approximately 25 years. If I go back in
time, I’ve been able to see spirits
since I was a child. – Since you were young? – Yeah, since about three. – So what was your
first encounter? – My very first encounter
was of two small images that kept bothering the
life out of me in bed. I can remember as a child being desperate to go to the bathroom, and being terrified
to get out of bed. And then eventually
I did get out, and ran all the way
to the bathroom, and they sat on the bath while
I was doing my little thing, you know, and I kept
telling them to go away. (Tina laughs) So, that was my first actual, real sort of coming
together with spirits. – So we’ve come to One Melling
Road tonight in Liverpool. We’ve been invited
here because there’s unusual paranormal
activity happening. As you’ve come into the
building, are you feeling any energy or any
presences here? – There was an energy as I
walked into the building. In this room itself, I had
a little wonder around. This part of the
building, where we stood at the moment,
feels fresh to me. That’s the only way
I can describe it. – Like new?
– Yeah. Whereas the other side,
and down over there, it’s got a heavier feeling. That doesn’t mean
there’s anything nasty, it just means that
it’s more established. So that’s the way I
generally work with feeling. – Sorry, are we on now? That was weird– – Did you hear that? Did you hear that? Something in there? A bang in there? – [Tina] Yeah,
something’s out there. – [Bex] We heard a bump
while the camera was off. (crew members discussing) I hear you said something, yeah? – [Tina] And then it goes black. Hopefully we’ve got
that on the camera. – [Bex] What else was outside? – [Tina] Right. – So we were… We were just about
to speak to Tina about what she felt
here, and whilst we were rolling the
cameras, something happened in this room here. Bizarrely, you felt
drawn in there. – In there, earlier I did. And I did feel as
though there was some sort of a workshop, a
small workshop in the back. You know, and I have
to say, I’m going back to before the war, all
right, and it did feel as though it was just a small
space that somebody used. – So that noise that we
here, could be an energy, just saying look, I’m
here trying to know you, saying that, hey I’m still here. – Yeah, there is a
male energy in there. – Sometimes, when you
hear noises like that, could that be a replay
of what had happened, and we can hear it– – Sometimes, yeah it could be. But I just feel like they’re
looking to attract attention. Okay, because I’ve
already been in there, and I’ve said there was
a gentleman in there, so it wouldn’t surprise
me if he’s gone right, well I’m here. Do you understand? – Yeah. – So if he’s there,
that’s great as well. – I mean it was
impressive, that. – That was
impressive, wasn’t it? – So that was, I’m
pleased about that. – [Bex] It was
apparent our presence had stirred something
in the kitchen. And more pulls
came from upstairs, so what else will we
learn from our medium? – I’ve got a lady
that’s moved in. Okay, when I pick
up her clothes, I have to tell you,
the dress or skirt, I’m not sure which
I’ve got at the moment, okay, is around my ankles. So I must being
going around about Edwardian times, or
something like that. – Wow, okay. – So, that’s late 1800s,
early 19, isn’t it, that we’re coming
into this area here. – Does she interact
with anything, do you think, do you feel? Can you interact with it? – I feel as though she was a
part of this space, all right, that she probably,
she does belong here. That’s what she’s just
said, I belong here. Okay, and also as I’ve done
that, I’ve got around here, I know I’ve got a high-necked
blouse on, as well. Okay, right. She’s quite a nice lady. I wouldn’t say that she
was well well-to-do, but for the time,
okay, she was– – Okay off. – Yeah, she was relatively
okay, financially. Okay with whatever
it was that she did. And I do feel that, right
okay, I do feel like at some point there
were rooms to let here. And I do feel like
there were just, well, less upstairs was a part
and parcel of all of that. But at one time
there would’ve been some space that was
actually let out. Okay, all right. She’s also telling me
that she was a widow. Because she had a
business, there must be some sort of a desk
around and about, and she was very meticulous
with her paperwork, and things like that, okay. So she would’ve moved it. – So she can still
do that to this day? – Yeah, she would’ve
done that, so if it was anything just
lying around, she– – So she has enough
energy to pick, actually physically
pick those things up. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. They can. And people don’t realise
how much energy the spirits actually bring in
and to them, even. And there’s also a
Grace. A Grace, okay. That’s me. – So she’s called Grace? – So she’s just gone that’s me. Okay, that’s me. She’s a bit taller
than me, as well. Okay. – [Bex] Tina had sensed a lot of spirits at One Melling Road. Paul, Sean, and I head
off to investigate. Would they join us
and communicate? (phone rings) We’re in the main part of
the restaurant downstairs. I have the K2, Sean’s
got the Ovilus. – Yeah, so we’re gonna
see what we can encounter. – Yeah. – Let’s do it. – There’s lots of spirits
that Tina brought through. So hopefully we’re gonna pick
some of those up tonight. – See what we can gather. – Is anybody there? – Listen. That was like footsteps. – Following us? – Yeah. – Anybody there at all? (faint whispering) Did you… – Like a voice. Yeah,
it was… (whispers). (low groan) Oh, my God. I heard that, yeah. That was weird. – Oh, my God. That
was a man laughing. (Sean groans) And I tell you what,
my upper body is warm, but my legs are freezing. Really, really cold. It’s like, I don’t
know what it is, but… – Let’s go over here.
I feel drawn over here. – I’ve set the REM
upon the floor, so I hope you let
more come forward. There’s also a very creepy
looking rocking chair there. Any horror fans know
that rocking chairs sometimes move on their own, which would be
really impressive. So I’m just gonna call out. I brought something else
that we might as well try in a few minutes,
but we’re gonna see if anything else is
gonna happen first. Is there anybody in
here with me now? Any children? There’s absolutely nothing
for you to be afraid of. If you just come forward,
you can see on the floor there’s something
with a red light coming out of it,
and a metal stick. If you go towards that and
touch that metal stick, you might just make it
light, make a noise. It won’t harm you. (clears throat) So we’ll have a
little skim around. It would be really good if
that rocking chair moves, but if it does, I’m going to be out of this room very quickly. – How do you feel in here? – Me? I feel not too bad. I feel like, nice, light fun. The thing I like about
this investigation is it’s not negative, it’s nice. – Yeah, it is lovely. I felt that when I was
in the kitchen. Lovely. – Yeah. Can you use your voice, or speak to this Ovilus device we’ve got, or light up the
lights on Bex’s metre? – Footsteps. – Oh, at the back. That was clearly at the back. Like somebody was rattling
something in here. – My God. – Come over here.
Come over here quick. Can you hear it? Oh, hey! Did you hear that? – Yeah. – Can you do that again? Come on, speak to us. (Ovilus alarm rings) Gently. – Gently. Haven’t we just been saying
how it’s been a really, you know, nice
investigation tonight? – Yeah, and it’s saying gently. It is a soft spirit. – It is softly. – Softly, it’s nice,
it’s not negative. – What’s over there? – Let’s go over, let’s go over. – It’s an amazing
looking place, isn’t it? – Yeah. – Can you hear? (voice whispers) Did you hear that? – What did you hear? – [Bex] As I asked
if spirits were here, we caught an EVP on the audio. We also heard with our own ears, a clear “yes” is answered
in response to my question. Can you hear? (voice whispers) Did you hear that? – What did you hear? – “Yes.” – Can you let me know
that you’re in here? If you’re speaking to
me, I’d appreciate that. My name’s Paul. Could you try and come towards the light that’s on the floor? If you can touch
that metal stick, it may just make it light
up and make a noise. It won’t harm you. Or if you’ve been using the
device that’s on the table, speaking through that, please– (ghost box speaks) Please continue. “Award.” (ghost box speaks) Award and property. Okay. Well, we’re in a
property right now. There’s been a lot that’s
been discussed by the media about the property,
and how it’s changed, and some of the uses it has. – I heard that then. – Three taps. – Yeah. That was weird. – What’s your name? – At the back, by the bar,
let’s go over and check– (ghost box speaks) – What’s it say? – Adjust. – Adjust. – Maybe he’s talking
about moving location. Adjusting our location. – Just before you said
let’s move over to the bar. Are you here? – So, we’ve moved by the bar, because the Ovilus
said “adjust”. – And as we were
calling out over there, to say use your
voice, we heard like a man’s voice over by the bar. And again. (voice whispers) Again, did you
hear that whisper? – Yeah. (whispers) look,
there’s nobody behind that bar. – [Bex] Hello? No one here? – [Sean] No one’s here. – [Bex] No. Do it. Ooh, a chill. – That’s weird. That
was really weird. We walked to the bar,
and there was a noise. – We’re here with the
utmost respect for you. We just want to try
and talk to you. Can you try to talk to me? Come on, say something. Make a noise or something. – You hear that? – The faintest. – Did you hear?
– Yeah. It came from down here. Let’s go over here. Oh, that was weird! Nobody there, look. – Nobody. No. Knock, knock, knock. – Knockety knock, knock, knock. That was weird. – That was bizarre. (ghost box speaks) – “Dine.” Dine. – Dine, yes people dine in here. – Dine, yeah. – Do you like looking
at the diners in here? What’s your name? – Tell us your name. – Peter, Peter. – Peter, did you hear Peter? I heard a name there. I don’t know what it
was, but I heard a name. – [Bex] Yes. – Yeah, did it go like this? (Sean groans) – Yeah. – Yeah. Tap, tap, tap. Tap again if that was you. We heard your voice. Tap, tap, tap. Yeah, three taps. – Oh, my God. – Whoa! – Speak to us, Peter. – Don’t mean you any
harm. That’s all. Here with the utmost respect. This is where you lived
in a different time. I’m sure you had some
happy memories here, as well as probably
some hard times. Come and tell us your story. Tell me about the good
times as well as the bad. – Wow. – I’m just seeing if
there’s any movement. Move that blind, if you can. – Bet you something
walks through it now. – Walk through it,
walk through it. Go up. – Five. – Four. – Three. – Two. – One. Did they move? – No, but I heard a thunk. Footsteps. – Oh, my God. – [Sean] From over there. – There? From over there? – Okay, let’s head back there. – [Bex] Again, footsteps. – No. No way. – Oh, my God. – Really heavy. – Yeah. – Oh, that’s bloody good. – Wow! – Again. – Above. Followed by a bang at the back. Listen. – And the bar. – [Sean] Yeah. – [Bex] It’s like
there’s three spirits. – Like ka-tink? – Yeah, I heard that. – Oops. Hey! Up above us! – Oh, my God. – Thank you. Thank you
for your acknowledgment. – Yeah, we appreciate it. – There’s nobody in here.
There is no one at all around. – And we’ve got footsteps
coming through upstairs. We have noises over there,
and noises over by the bar. – Amazing. – Yeah. Such a
lovely looking place. It’s quite active, isn’t it? I mean, we need to– – Listen. Again. – [Bex] One Melling Road
has not disappointed us. And with activity appearing
to be coming from upstairs, Sean and I split off into
our lanes to investigate. I’ve come into the kitchen
to do my loan vigil, because just over there,
Karen says the light sometimes goes on. (tap noise) Did you hear that? We heard that before. – So, I’m headed
up to the top floor to do my investigation. After reports from the
medium of the man and lady, I’m going to see
if I can get some of those energies
to interact with us. I also brought with
me the spirit box, because that’s what you
the viewers have asked when we did our live to use. So I’ll head into here
first, which is the bedroom. And I’ll get the
spirit box going. – It’s very cold. I have a K2, which I’m
turning that on now. I’ll hold it there,
and if it goes off then we’re in business. So there’s the area where the
medium picked up on somebody. Oh, I think that light
went on because of me. I triggered that light, so
it’s nothing paranormal. Okay, is anybody here? I’m just going to put
the K2 on the counter. If it goes off, I will
turn around for you. Is there anybody here? Can you speak to
me, let me know? It’s very cold. Very cold. I’m going to spin this around, so you guys can see
what I’m seeing. Okay. – If there’s any spirits here,
can you communicate with it, and tell me that you’re here? (spirit box speaks) Can you tell me your name? (spirit box speaks) Joe? Was that Joe? Are you a spirit, are you– (spirit box speaks) “It’s me.” Can you repeat that
for me, please? Are you a spirit that is living in visitation in this building? Or did you come to visit? Can you show yourself
on this camera? (spirit box speaks) “Upwards”? Do you want to show
yourself upwards? I can’t believe that. The box said something
there, then I heard a noise, it was over there
like footsteps. (spirit box speaks) “Effect.” I’ve left the
room, and that said “effect”. Are you going to
affect me in some way? (spirit box speaks) Just as I was coming
into this second room, there was another noise. – [Bex] Can you speak to me? I also have the
REM pod over there, and it’s all charged
and ready to go. Can you make a noise? Can
you bang on something? (tapping) I can hear a tapping. Can you bang on something again? (tapping) I can hear a tapping again,
every time I ask if they can bang on something, then
I can hear a tapping noise. Is there anybody in there? (Bex coughs) Is there anybody in there? The old cobbler? Do you want to come
out and speak to me? My name’s Bex, I’m a
paranormal investigator. – Can you give me
a visual or audible communication that
you’re here with me? (spirit box speaks) No way, that’s a lot
going with this SB11. We’ll just go over in here. Let’s play with the spirit box, there’s lots of stuff
happening with the spirit box. Can you tell me
your name, please? (spirit box speaks) What was that? What was that, please? Are you a child? Are you the spirit that’s
been closing doors in here? Every time I come
into this room, I get something,
then it gets quiet. Watch this, I’ll leave. That’s what will happen. I’ll go into the
next room over here. (spirit box speaks) See, see, see? Soon as I leave. (spirit box speaks) “Bex”? Did you say “Bex”? Tell me where Bex is? (spirit box speaks) She’s not asleep, but there
is beds on, there’s beds here. Tell me if you can see
Bex now, where is she? I’m gonna leave the room again,
to see if something happens. We’re gonna go into
the other room, as I said, which is this room. It’s really, really
different in here. – Can anybody make a noise? Can anybody? I heard a bang. (quiet banging) And a bang. Little bangs everywhere. The sound of footsteps.
I can hear footsteps. Can you hear them? I can hear footsteps. As I said, give me a bang,
oh I can hear a bang. I heard footsteps,
and it sounded like
somebody walking in. And the temperature! I mean, it was cold
coming in here, but the temperature’s
dropping just so quickly. It’s unreal. It really is cold. Is anybody there? Can anybody speak to
me? Use your voice. I’m here to listen. If you speak into this
device that I’m holding. Okay, the timer’s just gone
off on the room in there. So, it’s black now. But if I walk across here,
then it will go off again. But if I’m standing
here, and it goes off, then that’s paranormal,
because there’s no movement, and I’m not walking across. Okay, so if there
is somebody here, don’t be shy, please
come out and play. Move something, or
touch my REM pod. Make that go off. That would be a good piece of
paranormal activity for me. Then that would make
me rather scared. I can hear noises banging. The investigation
seemed to be going well, and with the night
moving on, we regrouped and headed into the
main living area to see if we could
encounter the same lady in a dress our
medium sensed earlier. – We’re now on the first
floor of One Melling Road, just to see if we
can connect with what Tina picked up with before
which was the Grace, the lady in the long
dress, just to see if we can identify
if she’s the lady that is hiding the paperwork. – Grace, are you here? – We’ve got a thermal
imaging camera, which we should be able to pick
any unusual activity on, up. So if we do see
it, we’ll show it. – Yeah. It’s a bit warmer being
downstairs. It’s nice. – Grace, are you here? Are you the lady that’s
moving our paperwork? (quiet rattle) – Did you hear that? – I did. Like a little rattle. – What’s that? – [Sean] There’s
nothing out there. – [Bex] What the hell was that? (quiet tapping) There it was again. Grace, is that you? Are you making that noise? (distant squeaking) – Did you hear that? – It’s talking. Did you hear that?
That’s right here. – [Sean] Tap, tap,
tap, tap on the floor. – [Bex] That’s like she’s,
like, with a boot on the floor. – [Sean] Yeah. You
pointing at the floor? – [Bex] Yeah. Our feet are still. Look. – [Sean] Tap on
the floor, go on. (faint tapping) That’s weird! – (gasps) Was that an orb? I just found an orb, and it
came here around our feet. My God! Our feet are still. – Yeah, that’s really weird. – That is brilliant. – Still… Tap four times. Two, three, four. Did it? – Yeah. – Give us a big run of taps. Go tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. It’s not doing it. Are you the lady
hiding the paperwork? – Yeah, are you the lady? You made a noise for us before. It was like a raspy sort of… Anyways, can you do that again? Does it look like
somebody’s sitting down? – Get the thermal on it. – The seat is hot. – Do you know what, it is hot. – It’s really hot. – It shouldn’t be hot,
should it. Nobody’s up here. – Sort of looks like
there’s somebody sitting over there, doesn’t it? – Yeah, that’s weird. Let me just check
the other sofa, to see if they’re all
looking a bit hot. Oh hang on, no. They look cooler,
and that one’s hot. – Okay. – Somebody sat there. – So you sat there
watching what we’re doing? We’re paranormal investigators, and we’re here to
hear your story. My name’s Bex. – [Sean] And I’m Sean. – [Bex] How you feel, okay? – Not too bad. I was amazed with those taps. They were weird. Can you do those taps again
for us, just one more time? (faint tapping) Oh! A lady’s voice as
well went, ooh, ooh. (Bex coughs) You okay? – Yeah, just something
caught in my throat. Like something’s
standing right behind me. (Bex coughs) – Okay, can you do those
taps for us one more time? That’d be fantastic. I heard it. – That was louder. That was stronger. – Maybe four, it was weird. – [Bex] There’s taps everywhere. – [Sean] That might’ve
been me this time. – Oh, you’ve been moving. – Yeah. – I’m staying still,
to see what we can get. – That’s not me. – [Bex] As we heard a knock, a light anomaly
appeared on the screen. Was this the spirit
trying to show herself? (eerie music) – [Sean] Oh, did you
hear that behind you? Behind you. Shall we just go into the hall? – Okay, I’ll just stay here
while you go into the hall, just to see if I see
anything on my own there. Okay, now I’m in here
on my own, Grace. Sean’s outside in the hall. Can you affect either me or him? – No way! – [Bex] What? – In here. Tap, tap. – No, it’s like it’s followed
you, because mine went dead. – I’m just seeing if there’s
anything on the thermal. It’s just the kitchen. Can you make a noise
for us on these stairs? The voice went “hello, hello!”. In there! – Footsteps, still. – Whispering,
there’s whispering. I think we probably
caught an EVP there. – I think we have. I really do. – That was weird. – Home? – Home. – Did you hear that? “Home.” – Home. Is this your home? – Yeah, did you hear
that? It was a child. – Upstairs, probably. And again?
– Yeah. – Like a laugh of a child. – Yeah. (Sean clicks) Are you upstairs? – Maybe. – It’s gone fuzzy. – It’s gone fuzzy? – Yeah, look. Nothing. It’s not working,
it’s a new camera. – That’s weird! – Do you hear that? – Shuffle. Yeah. – It’s in here. Sounded like a chair. None of the chairs moved. – No way! Are you a ghost from
another dimension? – Yeah. (faint whisper) – “Dogs.” There’s no dogs here, this
is a restaurant bar. No dogs. (ominous industrial music)