– Tony was an entertainer. A year ago,
took his life savings, a quarter of a million dollars,
and bought this bar. His son Nick was running it. Tony and Nick had a fight.
He pushed Nick out. He’s pushed his wife
out of the business. I don’t know
if we can recoup from it. He’s almost pushed his daughter
out of the business. I can’t do this. And now this family
is completely destroyed. I’m going. No, I’m serious, babe. It’s sad. There’s John, the bartender. Where the ( bleep ) is it
on this goddamn thing? – There’s Lamar.
– Hey, who’s filling? – This isn’t ( bleep )
what I cooked.
– He’s our cook. – There’s Mae.
– Did any of you guys order
chicken nachos? No? – She’s a server.
– Take it for now.
We’ll see what happens. Both:
Take it for now? She looks completely
overwhelmed. What do you think
of that attitude in Mae? Oh, my God.
I can’t handle it. – She looks miserable.
– All right, dear,
what are we having? Can I get
the peppertini martini? Did she say peppertini martini? Is that what’s
in the decanter? – Michael: Gross.
– ¡Arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale,
olé, olé! So look at Tony. Behind the bar, but he’s not
making drinks, is he? Oh, he’s drinking drinks. Jon: Mike,
what would you be doing if you were losing
15,000 a month? Definitely not drinking
while I’m trying to fix the operation,
that’s for sure. – So look at this guy.
– Oh, ( bleep ). Must have been
those shots again. And Tony has really put
his own choices ahead of the best interests
of his own family. Here we are. – Thank you.
– They got their drinks! Ooh. That’s not good. That’s really bad. Eww. So they can’t make
a signature cocktail. This is not shocking
information. So for recon tonight,
I got Ami from Solids & Stripes
in Denver. Ami was in “Bar Rescue”
years ago. And he and I had a bit
of an altercation. Son of a bitch.
Don’t touch me! – Oh, ( bleep ).
– Don’t touch me! – ( bleep )
– Don’t touch me! Ami is one tough
son of a bitch, and has become my friend over
these years since “Bar Rescue.” We will get it straight,
and he’ll be tough. – How you doing?
– Hi. They’re seated next to
all of the empty glassware that Tony brought back
to the bar. Can you clear that
for a second? – I don’t want to get dirty.
– Yeah. Thank you. Sorry about that.
Hi, I’m buying you a shot. Is Tony gonna take
another shot now? Jon:
He’s in debt 250,000,
and giving away drinks. – Wow.
– I will have an order
of wings, I guess. Fine. Surprise me. – That’s gross.
– ( glass shatters ) Oh, my ( bleep ) God. – ( bleep )
– So she just dropped a glass into the ice bin
and walked away. Jon: With the broken glass
in the ice bin. – No, no, no, no.
– Wait, wait, wait, wait. The girl broke–
she broke a glass. – Oh, she did?
– And she didn’t pick it up. So if Ami didn’t see
the glass in that bin, he would have been serving
a drink with glass in it. Guys, we have
a full ( bleep ) window! I don’t know where
all this food is going! It’s only been up there
30, 40 minutes. You guys love serving
my food cold, huh? Have you ever been
in a restaurant where a stranger came up and
asked you where a server was? So there’s our server. That’s not even the right
ticket, but whatever. Tattoo girl, you put
my order through, right? I think she’s ignoring me. And what’s Tony doing? Oh, look at that.
Is he entertaining? All right,
ladies and gentlemen, may I have your
attention, please? – Whoo!
– I may have had just
one too many tequilas. The drinks that I overpoured,
I had to drink them. ( music playing ) Anybody in here Irish? – ( music playing )
– ( laughter ) Tony: Uh. – ♪ Oh, Danny boy ♪
– Whoo! ♪ The pipes,
the pipes are calling ♪ – This is his passion.
– ( singing continues ) Now, facilitating his own ego
is more important to him than taking care
of his business. – Yeah.
– I have nachos, wings. Did you see the wings, though?
They’re runny. – Order up.
– Look at those chicken wings . Is that a frickin’ pencil
holder from elementary school? – That’s what it looks like.
– It is plastic, for sure. Jon:
But that’s not even a food
service container, is it? Both: No. – Thank you.
– Sure. – Okay. Rylie?
– What? – A new one.
– What’s wrong? – ( gasps )
– There is a hair in the wing. ( bleep ) want
to ( bleep ) shoot myself
in the ( bleep ) face. – So there’s a silver hair
in Ami’s food.
– Oh, God! I wonder where that came from. ♪ But come ye back ♪ ♪ When summer’s
in the meadow ♪ So here’s a guy
who likes to drink because
he’s the life of the party. It pumps his ego. He likes to buy
everybody drinks, Mike, – because it pumps his…
– Ego. Look at how
well-dressed he is. – Because it pumps his…
– Mia: Ego. Jon: Look at how
he’s just focused on being the man on stage. – Because of his…
– Both: Ego. I’m not sure
if he’s salvageable. Why don’t you guys go in,
and let’s see if his ego is more important
than his business. – Okay? All right.
– Okay. Let’s see what happens, guys.
Thank you. Jon:
I gotta end this. I’m gonna send my experts in to pull the plug,
literally, right now. ♪ Or when the valley’s hushed ♪ ♪ And white with snow ♪ – ♪ It’s I’ll be here ♪
– ( feedback wails ) – ( music stops )
– What happened?
00:06:08,034 –>00:00:00,000
Come on down, Tony.