In this video, everything you need to know about Los
Cristianos in Tenerife. If you haven’t booked yet this is also a great
opportunity to see if Los Cristianos and Tenerife is actually the right holiday
destination for you or not. Also in this video some easy tips that will make your
holiday even better, some small things to watch out for and as well as some things
that can save you loads of money. The main beach in Los Criistianos is the
Playa Los Cristianos, a very large sandy beach that has everything you can want
for a beach holiday with the family. Here you will find sunbeds and most of the
beach is sheltered by the harbor wall so waves are a pretty shallow for families
with kids. If this beach would for any reason get a little bit too busy for you
or you would want to do a bit of snorkelling have a walk to the Playa los
Callaos, a little beach just outside of the main Los Cristianos area that a few
people know about and therefore gets much less crowded. Los Cristianos has lots of hotels and I’ve
been to many of them. I’m not gonna cover this in this video, I’m making a
different video about this if you want to find that video it should show up in
suggestions, if it is not then simply type something like Los Cristianos best
hotels here on YouTube and you should see it near the first place. If you’ve
already decided which one is the right hotel for you but you still quickly want
the second opinion before booking it. know you can always write me on this email
address and I will be happy to share my opinion so we can decide together if
this is really the right hotel for you or not. Los Cristianos is mostly about
having a few chill drinks in a relaxed setting so if you’re looking for this
this place is ideal for you but if you are looking for a more busy nightlife
with clubs and a late night bars you can just have a walk or take a taxi into the
neighboring resort of Playa de las Américas that has many more clubs and
bars that are open into the early morning especially near the Veronica area. So one of these things you should
definitely do when you go to Los Cristianos is to go to the Siam waterpark.
It’s really close by and there’s also a free bus service that can come and pick
you up. Do know that you have to reserve before on line for this bus service you
can find all the information on which is the official website of
Siam waterpark. This is great park. It’s claimed to be one of the best water
parks in the world. I don’t really know this but I mean there are a lot of water
parks in Spain and it’s definitely the best one I’ve been to so far. There’s
also another water park in this area. I would definitely advise the Siam water
park over the other one because Siam Water park is much nicer. It’s a few
euros more but it’s definitely worth it. So it used
to be that when you went to Tenerife people will always say to you you have
to go up Teide, it’s amazing you have to go there it’s so nice. It still is but
it’s really overcrowded some days and there’s a lot of buses. I would not
advise it anymore. I would advise if you’re gonna to do Teide, do it in the evening to the sunset or do it in the nighttime to
see the stars and the view it’s really amazing. So I would definitely advise
this much more instead than the daytime. So if you’re gonna do this you can do it
with your own car There’s also organised excursions with food and drink
for nighttime so there’s lots of options definitely would advice this over the
daytime. When you’re staying in Los Cristianos, you’re staying close by to a
lot of things but a lot of the culture and the really nice nature and the
really nice beaches and also the Loro Park is all the way on the other side of
the island. So if you want to save money on buses or transport, I would definitely
advise you to rent the car at the airport. It’s ten or fifteen euros. It’s
one of the cheapest places in Spain to rent a car in Tenerife.
I would definitely advise it and you can even have it cheaper but the 10 or 15
euros is the way I rent a car with a fully comprehensive insurance. So zero
euro excess insurance. I would definitely advise it
also to do like shopping easy in Los Cristianos, if you’re doing self catering.
I would definitely advise getting a car if you want to get a car do it with a
good company. You can find all those companies on my website . Los Cristianos has one of the largest selections of
restaurants and places to eat in Tenerife as well as many fast food
places for those who cannot go without. Know that you can also easily walk from
here to the Playa de las Américas area that has an even wider variety and
choice of restaurants. Do know that overall the Playa de las Américas area
gets a little bit more expensive when it comes to restaurants. So when going on holiday to Los
Cristianos there’s also three quick things I do want to give you a word of
warning about. When you are on the street and you have any kind of flyers lying there, don’t go on these type of excursions. also when someone
approaches you with like a lottery ticket or something and then you suddenly
win, don’t partake in this. It’s always associated with a timeshare or
some kind of sales presentation. Just stay away from all of this. You don’t
have to be dealing with it. If you want to go on an excursion either book it
through your hotel reception or through your tour operator, so you know it’s all
good and safe. Next up is when you’re on the beach you can be quite often
approached by people offering free food to you but as soon as you accept that
you have either taken too much or suddenly you owe the money. Don’t be
dealing with these kind of things. Just don’t accept any free stuff you’re
handed on the beach, you don’t have to be dealing with any of this. So the Canary
Islands and Tenerife has this reputation for many years of having cheap
electronics and this is kind of true because there is a cheaper sales tax
which makes it look like a cheaper but it really ain’t that much cheaper. One
reason that a lot of the electronics are so cheap, is because there’s a lot of
companies who do tricky things like selling you fake brands, or play tricks
on your credit card, or upsell you things you don’t need. So in general I would
just say as long as you are in Tenerife. Don’t buy any electronics much better to
do it at home where if you come from the European Union you have a full two-year
guarantee that will protect you which you may or may not get if you buy an
electronic in Tenerife. So before I continue I quickly want to point out that Tenerife is a very nice place. Please don’t be held back because I’m talking about the more negative side of it now. I always do this on my channel. I
talk about good and bad with the end goal of you having a better holiday so
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channel and you will always be informed about my videos. So what is the best way
to get to Los Cristianos? Well do know, if you haven’t booked any flight ticket yet,
that there are two different airports on Tenerife (not Mallorca). There is the one in the North and the South. Since Los Cristianos is closest to the
one in the South most people will be traveling there but if you can’t get
very cheap flights what often is the case, the North Airport is
cheaper. You might want to book there and take a little bit longer drive instead
if you’re traveling on a budget. However most people will be traveling from the
south. If you’re traveling from the south know that the bus will cost you four
euro per person and we’ll get you normally there in 30 minutes and most of
the times buses go every hour. If you don’t want to take a bus I would advise
taking a shuttle. It’s more or less the same price just one euro more but
know that a shuttle bus will drop you off at your actual destination at the
hotel and not just at some random bus stop so it will be a lot less walking.
Know that you have to book these ones in advance. Another option is to take a taxi.
A taxi will be 25 euros in day time and 32 euros in the evenings or in the
weekends and will get you there normally in about 20 minutes.
If you want to take a shuttle you know you have to book in advance online (you
cannot book them in the airport) and the taxi I would advise booking them before
online. There’s a lot of advantages to it. You can find the links to the companies
that I used on my website. The bus you can just book the ticket straight on the
bus. So when should you go to the Los
Cristianos area in Tenerife? Well Tenerife basically has two different
seasons the winter and the summer. Winter. in Los Cristianos
is November, December, January, February and March. People always think that this
is the best weather on Tenerife but it ain’t through but it’s plenty mild and
it’s one of the only destinations in Europe that has this mild climate around
this time so this is why it’s very popular.
The average high temperature is around 21 degrees and on the low side it’s 15
degrees but to know that there’s gonna be plenty of days where it’s gonna be
hotter than that. So rain is five days a month, which is very little and the sea
temperature is gonna be around 19 degrees which is a little bit nippy but
it’s plenty good for swimming. So the hottest summer months for Los
Cristianos are basically May, June, July, August and September. All of these are
pretty similar compared to each other. The temperature on the average the high
is gonna be 25 degrees and on the low is gonna be 19 degrees Celsius. So do know
that there’s gonna be plenty of days when it’s gonna be hotter than this as
well. The rain is about one day a month, so you’re almost guaranteed not to see
any rain on your holiday if you’re only going for one or two weeks and the sea
temperature is 22 degrees which is very nice to take a swim in. So two months
that aren’t quite winter and that aren’t white summer are April and October
they’re somewhere in between these two. together with March and November. So
April, October, March and November make up the best deal months. So if you’re looking
to travel on a budget, definitely have a look at these months as long as you’re
traveling outside of the Easter holidays and other holidays you can find the best
deals here. If you are not 100% sure if this is the right hold a destination for you then do
you can have a look at this video where I cover all the holiday destinations in
Tenerife. And if you already know that this is the right hold a destination for
you, you can click here to go to the website and there you can find the
selection of the best hotels and you can also instantly price compare them to see
which one is the best one for you.